I’ve spoken with some of the people who actually read and decipher the comments being submitted to ATF during the comment periods over the last few years.  I have to be honest with you all.  I’m disappointed.

There are people with filthy and swear-laden responses that are far more than just a few.  That isn’t going to cut it.  In case you didn’t know it, anything with a swear word or any pic/attachment that is even close to being considered inappropriate is deleted.  No matter how witty your response or how convincing your meme, it won’t count, because they screen inappropriate items out and toss the whole submission.

There’s no shortage of irony here either.  There are tons of people who refuse to leave a comment.  “Yeah, like I’m going to put my name on ATF’s list willingly…”  I’ve got news for you, if you’re reading this right now, you’re on more lists than you can count.  Unless you’ve lived in a cave from birth, you’ve long since been placed on a myriad of lists.  I’ve got a sale going on tinfoil hats if you think you’re safe from being categorized, sorted, or easily referenced by virtue of avoiding a comment that requires a name and email address on a government website.

Every keystroke you offer and each place you visit with your digital devices is being compiled, so let’s be honest.  Can we agree that our data is constantly being harvested?  Yes.  Should that dissuade us in any way from shaping government?  No.  Take a couple of minutes and write a heartfelt and to-the-point comment on the Pistol Brace Debacle…

GO HERE FOR ATF’S STABILIZING BRACES PAGE so you can leave a comment to support keeping the rules ‘as is’…

Step up and leave a comment to show our support and engagement on the issue.  Don’t swear.  Invest a couple of moments of time to help the community, especially if you don’t use one of these yet.  Why?  Because you’re going to need and enjoy the camaraderie when ATF comes for something you do care about.  …And make no mistake, they will eventually come for something you hold dear.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman



-Please do not do regulate pistol braces and or change to a point system for a pistol. This is a direct attack on disabled people. Please do the right thing and do not discriminate! – Jerry

-A pistol brace is noting but a stabilizer. It just helps you steady your arm to assist in hitting the target much like the stock on a shotgun. There is no valid reason to make them illegal or tax them beyond affordability for mere political points. THis whole gun control thing is nothing more than an assault on our freedoms. Shall Not Be Infringed should make this whole issue perfectly clear and not a single life will be saved but putting restrictions on law abiding citizens. – Don

-What is a pistol brace?  Are you aware that any device can be a pistol brace?  If it supports a pistol, is it a brace?  Is the forearm on a shotgun a brace?  Is the frame on a handgun a brace.  By your definition any thing that can support a firearm is a brace.

Get real people,  The problem is not firearms, it is the operator, the human who has control of the firearm.  Someone in the ATF, DOJ has finally com to their senses and started to get to the real problem of firearm abuse.  It is lack of enforcement of existing laws.  There has been no change in crime rates with any new law in the last 30 years, because they are repeat laws and are still unenforced.  Get the agents off their chairs and on the streets.  Start closing unlawful gun dealers.  Don’t expect instant change, it will take time.  Please don’t further penalize citizens who follow the law.

Please give fair and honest deliberation in the decision you will make regarding the future of our freedom and our ability to defend ourselves from those who will obey new laws the same a they have existing laws.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. – Francis

-It is important for people to understand that the purpose the an arm brace is to assist those that could possibly have a disability so that they can enjoy the sport of shooting and hunting.  This is just an accessory to help not change the use of the firearm – David

-About BATF changing pistol brace. You don’t change the rules in the middle of a baseball game. That’s what they want to do.  Brace doesn’t make the gun more or less dangerous! They have ruled and allowed sales and production, and now want to reclassify! Another attack on our 2nd. Amendment. – Gary

-leave brace rule as they are, they do not need changed -Bruce

-you are 100% wrong about pistol braces .it is just a way to take away our 2nd amendment. i can not see any reason for this ban. – John

-We all need to face facts that this political ploy is to take another mis-step to erode all our 2nd amendment rights. Law abiding citizens are not the problem. Let’s not pretend stabilizer braces are either. – James