The Iowa Firearms Coalition is an educational 501(c)4 with a primary focus on Second Amendment Virtues.  Our volunteers and members have worked for years, a generation and beyond, to help educate and inform others on the precious civil liberties we enjoy, chief among them being the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Education on the issues at hand is our core work, and it matters supremely.  Whether IFC is exposing the racist origin of gun control or helping new shooters integrate into the fold, education on the topics is continually necessary and welcome by all reasonable people.

However, knowledge requires a great deal of time, research, discussion, and practice.  To gain knowledge we must dedicate ourselves to learning.  We seek to learn for a specific reason.  A person considering him or herself ‘learned’ may find themselves only equipped to inherit yesterday.  Whereas a ‘learner’ is preparing him or herself for tomorrow.  …And IFC is continually working on tomorrow.

Through all the work I’ve witnessed our volunteers and membership endeavor to give to others as beneficiaries, one thing has rattled around in my head that I can’t stop applying.  …A quote lifted from Bernard of Clarivaux:

-There are some who seek knowledge for the purpose of knowing. That is curiosity.
-There are some who seek knowledge for the purposes of being known. That is vanity.
-There are some who seek knowledge for the purposes of selling it. That is greed.
-There are some who seek knowledge for the purposes of edification. That is love, charity, and prudence.

I believe in my heart and mind our edification of others, stemming from the knowledge we gain, as most prized among our many assets.  May you join us in this elevation.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman