This is a tremendous post from…  They listed 3 key “take-aways” I’d like to highlight:

  • Due to the repeat offenders, some guns get used in multiple gun crimes.
  • Omitting likely crime repetitions, the number of guns in circulation used in crime drops.
  • The combination of all gun types and the two major gun crimes means a mere 0.00477% of the gun supply is being used in crime.

I highly recommend you zip over and read and digest carefully the content and context of the article.  Find it here —->

Between 0.00001% and 0.00477% of guns in America are actually used in crime???  That’s a pretty low number.  To put that in perspective, you could barely fit the guns used in crime annually in the great State of Iowa in the truck of my wife’s car…  And our opposition gets funded by Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg millions annually to strip LAW-ABIDING Iowans of our civil rights in an effort to stop CRIMINALS from using guns illegally?

Let’s have some sense for a change and some perspective.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman