Your Fourth Amendment Right to privacy; Iowa vs California.

A few years ago, the Iowa Legislature, with the urging of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, made weapons permit information private.  IFC pushed for that legislative change because various “media” groups and companies had a habit of requesting it, and then publishing that information as a public shaming tool.

That was known among criminals as “the places where guns could be stolen” list. It was a serious violation of our Fourth Amendment rights to privacy.

Just recently, the California Legislature passed a bill that not only negates its citizen’s rights to privacy but authorizes the release of firearm transaction records to any research institution which requests them. So any random grad student can just get your name, address, date of birth, and every firearm/ammunition purchase you’ve ever made in California.

Think about that for a minute, in this day and age of rampant identity theft, the Legislature in California thinks it’s a good idea to give anyone claiming to be a grad student your federally protected, personal information. Not to mention that any invading army could have the same records through a data hack. Kinda negates the whole rifleman behind every blade of grass argument about why no nation could ever successfully invade the United States.

When you read about IFC’s efforts over the last almost fifteen years, remember, we’re one flip of political control of the State of Iowa away for all of those gains to disappear. This is just another example of the need for us to pass the Freedom Amendment next November. #2A4IA

Shoot straight, speak the truth, and never surrender our liberties.

Dave Funk
IFC President