On the CBSNEWS site, our Communications Director, Dillon Daughenbaugh, noticed an article about ATF.  Curiosity drew him in and I’m glad it did.  Dillon sent it over to the IFC Team for edification and digestion.  The link and article are below:

Whistleblower claims Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives personnel were improperly paid bonuses reserved for criminal investigators

In the article linked above, you’ll learn what is claimed about ATF practices.  Apparently, many of the top employees gave themselves a 25% bonus pay even though they knew it wasn’t relegated for them and they were ineligible.  Take a minute or two and read the quick article.  After doing so, let it sink in that people at the top of an Agency that makes their own rules over how you and I exercise our rights, gave themselves an illegal raise that you and I are paying for in the form of taxes.  Then, after you properly digest that, ask yourself the obvious question:  If their ethics are this flawed, or worse yet, not present, how in the name of John Moses Browning can they be trusted to rule over the law-abiding?  …And make no mistake, they seek to rule by very definition.

You should ponder this question and answer greatly.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman