My friends,

I read an article by John “Crumpy” Crump on Ammoland this morning titled, “Senator Hyde-Smith Vows To Oppose Gun Control Hidden In Violence Against Women Act” which has me greatly concerned.  As you know, the pursuits of the anti-liberty-minded among us are relentless, and they never forget their errand.  I have admiration for their perseverance.  However, that is usually where my fondness ceases.  In this case, a myriad of assaults against liberty are contained within the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2021.  Pesky things like due process and the truth be damned, apparently.

Senator Ernst has a track record for elevating the 2A in practice and ideology.  Remember her campaign ads?  We loved those and still do.

IFC isn’t prone to pitchforks and torches as a default position.  When we learn about potential problems, we seek vital context each time we can.  You read about that here the other day when House members from Iowa voted for the NDAA that contained Red Flag components.  They went on to explain why they took the vote and Representative Ashely Hinson vowed not to vote for the bill if it contained Red Flag components in the final form.  She and her staff gave IFC some context and perspective and we really appreciated having it so we could share it with you all.  We’re monitoring that bill closely to make sure those commitments come to fruition.

While IFC keeps plenty of napalm around for a rainy day, the wise course of action we should be taking currently is to reach out to Senator Ernst as constituents and let her know things like federal grants to fund gun seizures, Red Flags confiscation orders, funding to prosecute law-abiding Americans who falsely receive a NICS denial, and all-new special appointments and deputations to further gun control aren’t what we want or need.

If we have anything to report after making contact with Senator Ernst’s office, we’ll bring you up to speed.  We must voice our concerns and shape the future.

You should take a moment and go read the article on  It is concise and illuminating.  Contact Senator Joni Ernst and urge her to shape this bill in such a fashion that honors her commitment to voters.  You might be interested to know that Representative Miller-Meeks (R) Iowa, voted in favor and helped pass it through the House.

We’ll keep you up to speed, but this is a collaboration among two interested parties – IFC and YOU!  You have to get off your duff and contact Senator Ernst in order for this to work to the fullest.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman