Richard Rogers speaks with Senator Zach Nunn (R) regarding 2A Sanctuary and a bill to make Iowa a 2A Sanctuary State. Please watch the video of the interview linked below, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to keep up to date with Iowa Firearms Coalition!

With the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement well underway as we currently have twenty-three 2A Sanctuaries at the county level. IFC’s Richard Rogers was able to catch up with IA Senator Zach Nunn (R) to discuss many items. Among the topics were Iowa’s Freedom Amendment that will be on Iowa’s ballot in 2022, adding the right to keep and bear arms to Iowa’s Constitution. Please vote yes and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Senator Nunn has not only served as a representative of Iowa but has also served in the military. He has a strong understanding of what it means to protect our fundamental rights like the 2nd Amendment not only abroad but here at home, which is why he has introduced a bill to make Iowa a 2A sanctuary state. The bill currently does not have a number but we will be sure to keep everyone updated throughout the process. 

Senator Nunn (R) is running for the 3rd Congressional District.