You may be familiar with the metaphor “the boiling frog,” here is a brief refresher or explanation for those unaware. Whether true or not, it makes for a good lesson. It is thought that if a frog were dropped into a boiling pot of water it would sense the heat and immediately jump out. However, it is said that if it were placed in room temperature water then gradually heated to the point of boiling it would ultimately stay, thus boil to death.

Like the boiling frog, the American people too are slowly but surely having their rights “boiled” away, in theory. We are losing our rights without the majority being aware of it. Some of us sense it, and many have been sounding the alarm. Those of us at IFC are fighting to have rights be restored and protected. While we have made great leaps and bounds at the state level, we are currently losing at the federal level.

One of the first forms of gun control in the United States was during the late 1800s and designed to prevent freed African American slaves from possessing firearms. It was not until the 14th Amendment being ratified in 1868 that made the 2nd Amendment racially neutral. It’s safe to say gun control in the U.S. was founded in racism.

Now that we’ve established a timeline of when the hypothetical pot was turned on, lets fast forward about 100 years to 1934 to when that temperature was gradually climbing, but not enough to sound an alarm because like all gun control “it’s for your safety.” 1934, Al Capone has his reign of terror, mainly against other gangsters, this would incentivize Congress to make a firearm registration law, for your safety of course.

25 years later one of the first known instances of a mass shooter Howard Unruh killed 13 people in 1949 a tragedy no doubt, adding to the incentive of gun registry, for your safety. Seeing the theme?

Three tragic murders would be catalysts in garnering broad support across the country for “gun control”. The public’s emotional reaction to the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and of Rev. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968, lead to enactment of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Is it getting hot in here?

1986 – Firearm Owners’ Protection Act, what a name, surely this cannot be bad, it must be for my safety. The FOPA rescinded most of the language in the Gun Control Act of 1968 and prohibition on the national registry of gun owners. The bill isn’t all bad as it reopened the interstate sale of long guns, legalized ammo shipment through the USPS, removed the requirement on keeping records of sales on non-armor piercing ammo, and federal protection of transportation of firearms through states where it may otherwise be illegal. One major flaw is the registration of machine guns as well as ending the sale of machine guns to civilians. Only proper FFL holders, police and military could possess these arms, for your safety of course.

Now to the present, where I believe we are about to a rolling boil. Many people have raised the alarm, especially at the state level with so many states passing Constitutional Carry and becoming 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. Over 25% of Iowa’s counties are now 2A sanctuaries. We are at the digital age of information, we can spread information at a cyclic rate, the problem is often sifting through the fake to find the factual. The fact is now we are at a point where the BATFE is rogue and going after novelty items like bump stocks and binary triggers, as well as people printing their own firearms and companies selling solvent trap kits. Even simply having a file of a file of a 3d printable “mobile wall hangar” is justification enough for the ATF and FBI to raid your home or business. 

Building and customizing firearms is as American as it gets. From slapping on some pearl grips, engraving names, animals, polishing a trigger, or carving a stock from a slab of walnut. So, when a government agency wants to infringe on those God given, fundamental human rights that are protected by the Constitution, what do we do? I believe a good example of that is currently what is going on with Rarebreed’s FRT trigger. They have simply stated that they will not comply with the BATFE’s demands because they are wrong but also because they are not a legislating body. I truly believe they are a fine example of getting out of that boiling pot or not getting in at all. People like that need supported and while I cannot advise you to not comply with unconstitutional laws, I believe whole heartedly that is the stance to make.

If you have ever wondered how we ended up here, hopefully this brief look at history will clear that up and the frog metaphor will resonate with you. It is not enough just to sit back and be silent, you must act, in the sense of being proactive with your rights. The frog in the boiling water is a story of not being aware and not acting on the threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly. Should our rights regarding firearms and accessories even be up for debate? I say no, give me liberty or give me death.

If you would like to help your county join the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement, please follow this link

How can we slow the gun control and ultimately end it? Support those who truly support your rights, whether it be your local advocacy group, a business, or your legislators. There will always be people who will attempt to strip your freedom in the name of safety, now is more important than ever to let your voice be known, join Iowa Firearms Coalition today.

For Freedom
Dillon Daughenbaugh
IFC Communications Director

I would never advocate for boiling a frog, unless you had plans to eat it, here is a good recipe.