The Federal Government appears out of control.  Yet Iowa Legislators have been listening to their constituents.  Mostly…

Right now, employers all over the state are threatening to fire you for exercising your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  This is actually much worse than you might think.

IFC has enjoyed many wins over many years.  We’ve also pushed back on tons of horrible attempts to not only revert back to Jim Crow laws of yesteryear but items much worse like “Red Flag” laws and the like.  Each year there are a handful of Iowa Legislators that introduce disgusting pieces for codification.  You can see some of those examples HERE on IFC’s site.  Take a look at all the RED we’ve stopped on behalf of Iowans.  You can go look at how great or horrible your House Representative and Senator has honored your fundamental rights HERE on IFCPAC’s site.

There is a particularly glaring injustice yet to be corrected we need for you to tell your elected officials in the statehouse about.  Iowa employers can and are threatening to fire their staff over something as innocent as a weapon locked and properly stowed in their vehicle.  We call it “Parking Lot Carry” in many circles, but it isn’t just relegated to carry.  When Iowans leave for work and carry a weapon for self-defense, we can’t just drop them off someplace in between.  We all go to the grocery store, wash the car, run errands, and live life each day.  But when our employers take from us the fundamental right to use a firearm by claiming they have control over a legal and ethical item locked in our own vehicles, it removes the practical use of that right for the entire day in all the travels we make.

This de facto BAN on carrying and firearms use is fundamentally wrong on every level.  Employers have rights.  But their claim to assert dominance over the legal items within our locked vehicles shouldn’t be under their control.  ….And Iowans certainly shouldn’t be threatened with losing their livelihood over the ethical act of firearm ownership and use.  Let your Senators and Representatives know you deserve freedom and autonomy in your property (vehicle) and an employer’s claim on property rights stops where their pavement touches our tires.

In Liberty,

Michael Ware – IFC