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An open letter to Iowa Legislators:

The Iowa Firearms Coalition has done a thorough and respectable job for over a decade working with Iowa Legislators to advance rights and craft meaningful Second Amendment protections for Iowans.  Iowans appreciate the commitment to freedom and personal responsibility.  We see it in the eyes of our children, and the hearts in our communities.  We know 2A virtues are consistent political winners by the sheer volume of people, regardless of race, color, creed, or party that embrace their personal liberties as trusted and dear.  

While the federal government doesn’t appear to have received this message, we know true Iowa statesmen listen to their constituents.  And we, as constituents, know there are problems yet to be handled.  For instance, the inability to safely lock and stow a firearm in a private vehicle at one’s workplace without facing termination amounts to a de facto ban on self-defense carry, hunting, or recreational use of a firearm.  

If a law-abiding Iowan can’t leave the house with a carry weapon and lock it in his or her car while at work without being fired, we have a serious problem.  What if a person wants to leave work and catch a few hours in the hunting stand before the sun goes down?  How about date night with a person’s spouse at the range?  

When Iowans who carry a weapon for self-defense leave home for work, we can’t just drop them off someplace in between.  We all go to the grocery store, wash the car, run errands, and live life each day.  But when our employers take from us the fundamental right to use a firearm by claiming they have control over a legal and ethical item locked in our own vehicles, it removes any practical ability to use that right for the entire day in all of our travels.

This injustice must be corrected.  Employers have rights.  But their claim to assert dominance over the legal items within our locked vehicles shouldn’t be under their control.  …. And Iowans certainly shouldn’t be threatened with losing their livelihood over the ethical act of firearm ownership and use.