Just this morning Union County, Iowa became the 27th 2nd Amendment Sanctuary in the state. It was no easy feat, I initially brought 2A Sanctuary to the Union County Board of Supervisors July 21st, 2021. We had a great discussion and I left with a mission plan. Get the Sheriff on board, get residents to contact the Supervisors and Sheriff, while also making a list of all the likely questions that may come up and providing answers for them. It didn’t take 5 months due to a lack of support. The reason for the wait was justified and made for a sweeter victory. The Supervisors and Sheriff are great stewards of Union County and simply wanted to afford the opportunity for residents to voice their stance on this key issue. That’s how a local government should be ran. 

The result of this morning is the culmination of people getting involved in their local government. It is our duty as citizens to hold our elected officials accountable just as it is to petition our government, which is what we did by requesting to have a 2A Sanctuary Resolution adopted. It is just as important to contact them on all issues, not just what is important to you. However, the 2nd Amendment is the insurance policy to protect all of the other rights. Our Founding Fathers knew we would have to fight for our rights, many have forgot that.

Our right to bear arms is what keeps us free. If it falls, we fall, that is why we fight so hard to add strong protections to prevent would be tyranny. As important as it is to get involved, it’s equally important to support the groups fighting behind the scenes like Iowa Firearms Coalition, making sure to rally up support for issues such as this. We’ve been the driving force behind the 2A Sanctuary movement in Iowa, which includes Zach Nunn introducing a bill to the legislature that would make the entire state of Iowa a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. Stay tuned for more on that. 

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