DES MOINES, Iowa — The Employee Privacy Act, SF2143, a bill that seeks to end the de facto ban on self-defense carrying of a firearm in Iowa, was approved by the Iowa Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee at Wednesday’s meeting. The bill being on the moved is a testament to the support Iowa Legislators have for Iowa Firearms Coalition.

The bill, which has been promoted by the Iowa Firearms Coalition, would allow Iowans to secure their firearms in their private vehicles, even when parked at their place of employment.

“Iowa employers can and are threatening to fire their staff over something as innocent as a weapon locked and properly stowed in their vehicle,” said Dave Funk, IFC President. “This vote moves Iowa one step closer towards protecting the civil rights of Iowans, and we are grateful to the legislators who have voted in favor of it.”

It is the strong belief of the Iowa Firearms Coalition that no employer should be able to harm the livelihood and wellbeing of their employees because they have chosen to keep legal items in their vehicle and exercise their rights under the Constitution of the United States. If you would like to assist in our efforts to preserve and protect Iowa’s 2nd Amendment Rights, please join us by clicking Membership

The Iowa Legislature is expected to vote on the final bill later this session, we will continue to be the leading group to keep you informed. Thanks for your support, for those who haven’t heard, Iowa Firearms Coalition has partnered with Firearms Legal Protection to give Iowan’s the best fighting chance in the rare case you have to defend your life with lethal force. Watch the video below as John Mclaughlin explains the partnership. See you at IFC’s annual 2nd Amendment Day, Iowa’s largest 2A Rally! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!