21 Feb 2022 

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has awarded Iowa an “F” rating for our lack of support for gun control, we will take that as a badge of honor. We were previously a “C” and have been chasing the elusive “F” rating. While Giffords is not a reliable source, the link to their publishing can be found here.

Now to correct their mistakes. We did not recently allow guns at the Capitol, that happened in 2017. (There was a change to the wording this year to drop the requirement for a PCW.) Also, they state we repealed a “3 day wait on the purchase of firearms”, but that delay applied only to the transfer of pistols and revolvers and was instituted long before the establishment of the National Instant Check System.  Let there be NO QUESTION of IFC’s list of legislative victories and the opposition’s defeats which you can FIND HERE.

Chris Lee of NSSF says that “Iowa saw the biggest ranking drop of any state thanks to your hard work.” 

Even Giffords admits that we are ranked 38 lowest out of 50 for the rate of deaths by gun – 18% below the national average. Which is proof that the increase in responsible firearm ownership may also play a part in a decrease in crime. Compare that with the states that have the strictest gun control coincidentally have the highest crime rate. 

Giffords Gun Control Wishlist

  • Require background checks for all gun sales
  • Enact red flag laws
  • Repeal permitless carry
  • Assault weapon ban
  • Restrict bulk firearm purchases
  • Firearms Licensing
  • Lost & Stolen firearm reporting
  • Large capacity magazine ban

The Iowa Firearms Coalition advocates for the safe handling, carrying, and securing of firearms by all persons who can legally possess them. We don’t fight for just gun rights, this is more about freedom to exercise your right to keep and bear arms than anything else. We are a young organization compared to the National Rifle Association’s 150+ years of advocacy. IFC’s preemptive approach is being recognized all across the country for being one of the most proactive 2A advocacy groups. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, with your help that wish list above will never see the light of day, consider becoming a member today. Join IFC Today

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