Our IFC President, Dave Funk, is known for what he calls “Funkisms” among certain circles.  I can usually keep up when he breaks them off on me or others when I’m present, but every now and then he drops one so fast I have to take a minute to build the images in my mind that support what he’s said.  Everyone else is done laughing by the time I get it.  But, that’s the nature of living and working out in the country and rarely venturing into the city, I guess.

Recently some photos of a homemade firearm, AKA Ghost Gun, from Meskwaki Nation Police Department near Tama, Iowa, were posted along with some information.  This is just a few miles from my farm, and the post got my full attention.  IFC’s team discussed this, and immediately President Dave tossed a Funkism into the conversation:

“Just like capital always seeking the lowest cost of production, evil will always find a way to gain an advantage over good.”  -Dave Funk

Unlike a few others I’ve heard from him, this particular Funkism rang true, loud, and clear.  I thought to myself, with all this hyperbole and nonsense coming from our Nation’s President about “Ghost Guns” and his militarization of the ATF to pound the law-abiding, what is being lost here?  The answer is simple…  THE TRUTH.  If a bad guy wants to do harm, he’ll do it.  I just finished watching “800 Meters” on Netflix, where the terrorist plots slid sideways when part of the terror cell blew themselves up accidentally.  Did that stop the rest of the cell?  No.  The terrorists rented vans and stole cars and drove over people.

Why, oh why, do we consistently grind all the good guys into the dirt with layer upon layer of useless law, regulation, ordinance, and rule when only WE follow the laws?  If you’re a felon prohibited from firearm ownership, and you’re this determined to get your hands on a firearm, we can all agree the law is worthless to them.  So why strip you and me of our rights when this is the truth of the matter?  President Biden is doing to homemade firearms, Ghost Guns, what his ilk have done to things like this for years.  They’re successfully propagandizing them and lying.  That’s right, I said LYING.  There IS NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE and there never was.  But a good portion of the public thinks that is a true category because we’ve heard it all so often.  The same moniker applies to the term “Ghost Gun” as expressed in THIS BLOG as if a homemade firearm in the hands of a completely law-abiding American is somehow a bad thing.

These pictures prove the lengths a felon will go to get his hands on something he’s barred.  Yet you and I are paying the price when the crazies and dangerous political class among us seek to tear our liberties, literally, from our hands…  Resist the nonsense, seek the truth.  Gun control is a myth.  Pray the good guys win out and get engaged with your ethical and moral 2A groups.

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In Liberty,

Michael Ware – IFC Board Member