We’re often asked questions about a County’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution, and what it will do for them.  Here’s a response from an IFC Board Member and our Chief Lobbyist, Richard Rogers, to the question of, “What we can do to fight potential Biden executive orders in the absence of a state 2A sanctuary law?”:

The anti-commandeering doctrine is well recognized by the federal courts. It provides that the federal government may not require state (and local) governments to use their authority, personnel or resources to enforce federal law.

Whether or not the state adopts “Second Amendment Sanctuary” legislation, nothing can stop federal authorities from enforcing federal regulations. However, they don’t have the necessary manpower to do so on a truly widespread basis. For that, they would require the resources of the states. The best they can do is to make examples of a relatively small number of citizens and thus attempt to frighten others into obedience.

Once the Freedom Amendment is adopted in November of this year, Iowa’s Constitution will  specifically prohibit infringements upon the right to keep and bear arms. That will be a tremendous help in discouraging Iowa law enforcement from enforcing new and unconstitutional gun control.

Also, I fully expect that if the Biden administration actually begins to attempt to enforce onerous new regulations, the present legislative majorities in Iowa are very likely to be motivated to act.

This should place emphasis on passing the Freedom Amendment this fall, by flipping the ballot over and filling in the “YES” oval when you vote.  It should also remind those Iowans living in counties that have passed 2A Sanctuary Resolutions, that the Resolution itself is a signal of how they intend to liaise with the federal government when and if they come calling for local resources and manpower.  They should then be reminded of their principled stance and supported for their desire to protect their constituents from tyranny.  You can learn more about Iowa’s 2A Sanctuaries HERE.

With increased threats from the Biden Administration and a regulatory agency with a long track record for civil rights violations and the deaths of U.S. Citizens (ATF), we should be focusing on state protections with state emphasis.  Iowa is one of ONLY SIX STATES in the nation without a constitutional amendment protecting our right to keep and bear arms.