Short answer?  YES.  Here is why…

Because the language of our Amendment is more specific (“fundamental individual right”) and requires that any law or regulation that is challenged as a restriction of this right must survive the MOST difficult judicial review, “strict scrutiny” – a near-impossible test for an infringement on a fundamental right. In addition, it would be a state-level backstop if federal courts lessen or continue to ignore Second Amendment protections, even if the amendment was repealed.

What about the Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution?

There is an understanding of the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution that is often flawed. The Bill of Rights was NOT intended to apply to the states and has only been slowly – and in part – “incorporated against” the states by Supreme Court decisions since the adoption of the 14th Amendment after the Civil War. The Second Amendment was not held to restrict state and local governments until 2010! And that decision has been loudly claimed to be “wrongly decided” by many who seek to have it reversed, including Hillary Clinton in her never-ending quest for the Presidency.

Those who would deny us the ability to keep and bear arms have worked successfully for over a century to ignore the true meaning of the Second Amendment. The language of the Freedom Amendment is intended to thwart those efforts.

When Iowa adopts the Freedom Amendment’s strong protections of the individual and fundamental right to keep and bear arms on November 8, 2022, it will essentially serve as a backup to the Second Amendment, available if the Courts, Congress, or the Executive ignore or further abuse the protections of that amendment. In addition, its requirement that potential infringements on the RKBA must be considered by Iowa courts under the doctrine of “strict scrutiny” should be a powerful tool for citizens seeking to prevent Iowa authorities from attempting to enforce state OR federal restrictions on that right.