As I blogged last week, I was forced to read through drivel in order to make sure what I assumed I’d read, did in fact match.  Thankfully the nonsense was kept to a minimum.  This guy is off his rocker, but he also wasn’t stupid enough to make his commentary a mile long.  Had he blathered on forever, he’d lost the reader’s attention and opened himself up to far more ridicule by adding more fuel to his self-ignited dumpster fire.  You can read my original blog HERE.

Here’s the quiz…  In Steinberg’s article, “Why restrict child porn but not guns?” there was this nugget:

To summarize: an essential part of the Constitution gives Americans a right, but that right is limited when the free exercise of it harms children.

What is true of this statement and what isn’t?  I’m not going to give you the answers.  Instead, I’ll ask questions.  Where do rights come from?  Does the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, give you anything?  And, where does the universal exercise of “this right” universally harm children?

Ponder those questions.  They’re crazy folks.  …And they’re dangerous.  Remain vigilant and protect our children.  Their ridiculous policies and denial of truth put us in this mess and children in harm’s way.  It stops now.