The State of New York bars anyone without a firearm license from carrying inside or outside the home under their “Proper Cause” law. Meaning in order to obtain a CPL you must prove a reason why, instead of simply exercising that right like the numerous states with Constitutional Carry. This is the largest 2nd Amendment case in 14 years, stemming from two gun owners who had their CPLs denied for not being able to provide proper cause. To view the full opinion, click HERE.

A powerful statement from page 3 of the above link. “Indeed, the Court recognized in Heller at least one way in which the Second Amendment’s historically fixed meaning applies to new circumstances: Its reference to “arms” does not apply “only [to] those arms in existence in the 18th century.”  Although we know the left will ignore it, this should put an end to their sentiments about the 2A being outdated and not applying to present or future weapons. 

Currently in New York it’s nearly impossible to get a firearms license unless you’re a former LEO, cash business owner, or of course celebrities. This is designed mostly to prevent the average citizen from defending themselves, a direct violation of the 2nd and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

The Supreme Court of the United States just made a monumental 6-3 decision to strike down the “proper cause” law. This could possibly mean “shall issue” carry nationwide, stay tuned to see how it all works out.  Like the DC v. Heller case reaffirmed the right to keep and bear arms within the home, this new SCOTUS decision tells us what we already know by reaffirming the right to keep and bear arms outside the home. 

This is truly a monumental decision, and an exciting win for the New York State Rifle and Pistol Assocand well done to the gentlemen who prevailed against tyranny.

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In Liberty

Dillon Daughenbaugh

IFC Communications Director