This is who they are, this is how they think, and this is how they carry themselves.  But…  As an advocate for the freedom and liberty of others, it is assumed that those who have a mental stumbling block about such things attack your site with bots, spam your emails, sign you up for all kinds of nuisances, and seek your suffering.  They’ll stalk your spouse, throw trash at your car, destroy your property, and worse.  IFC volunteers have experienced all that jazz and then some, all while doing nothing of the sort in response.  There are times they’ve even called for our deaths.  As we take the high road and work as volunteers to offer others choices in self-defense and free use of arms, this is the kind of thing we’re emailed daily.

You see, folks like “Karen” are parasitic on the history they deny.  There is no way to get to her choice to send us crass emails without importing preexisting rights into the equation.  The First Amendment, just like the Second, is a limitation on the government and serves to protect these preexisting rights universally.  To deny the law-abiding public their 2A is to disavow the 1A.  But, Karen prefers to have it her way for her, while denying the rest of us.  Does that seem inconsistent to you in any way?

You eventually become accustomed to the incoherence of their actions, but every now and then you’d like to say something back.  So here it goes…

Karen, despite your vitriol and poor behavior, IFC wishes you the very best.  We hope you move beyond your problems with a group like us that seeks to honor and respect our family, friends, and especially strangers.  If we can help you in any way within our mission statement, we would do so enthusiastically.  Enjoy the upcoming Independence Day holiday and remember, our Founding Fathers gave more than a nasty email to secure your right to send one.