Two messages are contained below.  The text is from our IFC President, Dave Funk, and the video is from our Board Chair, John McLaughlin.   May they find you and yours well:

Over 246 years ago, armed “Colonists” became “Citizens” despite the King of England sending the most powerful army and navy in the world to North America to try and stop them from doing so.

Today Americans are coming off of a big US Supreme Court ruling in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen lawsuit. Not surprisingly, the New York General Assembly in a one-day special session called by unelected Governor Gov. Kathleen Hochul passed Senate Bill S51001, essentially nullifying the Second Amendment Rights of all New Yorkers just days later.

That bill is the biggest middle finger to the Supreme Court since the Southern States Collective resistance to the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education SCOTUS Ruling that abolished “separate but equal” in America.

As you celebrate Independence Day this weekend, remember that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is about preventing the Central Government from ever having a monopoly on power.

Ask anyone who has ever lived under an oppressive communist or socialist government if they wish they had a rifle at the time. In the last 120 years alone, over 100 million people were killed by communist governments around the world. But only after their right to keep and bear arms was taken from them.

New York has just provided Iowan’s with another reason the “Freedom Amendment” as we at the Iowa Firearms Coalition like to call it, is on the ballot this November 8th. Flip over your ballot that day and vote yes. Hopefully, armed men will not have to stand up with their rifles ever again in the United States. But if we do, Iowan’s will have the opportunity to be ready.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.  —  IFC President Dave Funk

This from IFC Chair, John McLaughlin: