President Biden won’t rest until the AR-15 is banned?  How about, “I won’t rest until cell phones are banned.”  I see that exactly the same.

Has anyone noticed that we’ve inherited a partial political class that is gleefully intent on the wholesale ban of your civil liberties?  Colion Noir points out that essential fact.  …And frankly, his analogy of a person bragging about taking your right to free speech is a solid comparison.  Imagine what you might think if you listened to the news and learned your president and political movement were campaigning on it.  Would you think you were in some bizarre world?  Relax, you’re not.  You’re in Biden’s America.  …Where your civil liberties are forfeit and your rights no longer matter.

Colion does a nice job of dissecting this problem.  Give it a listen, then ask yourself, “Who else am I voting for or supporting that thinks this way?”  You should be seriously considering who you’re voting for when half the candidates appear not only willing, but enthusiastic to strip you of your civil rights.

*public domain image of President Biden taken by Adam Schultz