By: Dave Funk / President, IFC

This week’s President’s Update covers two things. First item is a quick legislative update and second will be an explanation of how IFC and IFC PAC are funded.

Last week was the first of the scheduled Iowa Legislative assemblies “Funnels”. The short explanation of the process is that bills that have not been passed out of one chamber’s committees are dead for this year. They can be revived, but it takes leadership intervention. 

The Education Bill’s firearms training requirements have unfortunately failed to survive the first funnel. On the plus side, both the Safer Families Bill and the anti-ESG bills have moved forward out of committees. More to come on both of those in the near future. Watch the IFC PAC website where our PAC maintains a bill tracker and legislative scorecards so you can see exactly what is on the docket, and how Iowa Representatives and State Senators are and have been voting.

How Are the IFC and IFC PAC Funded?

Second; I’m often asked how IFC and the IFC PAC are funded. The funding for just the non-profit portion of IFC is predominantly through memberships. We do get cash donations and some items donated that we can sell or raffle off. Pretty much anyone can donate to IFC.

IFC ‘s Political Action Committee  however has to comply with Iowa’s Campaign Ethics and Finance Board rules. That means IFC PAC has to account for every donation above $20 and is limited to only accepting donations from individuals or other PAC’s. Corporate donations are not allowed and we cannot coordinate with other campaigns. 

If you want to help IFC and IFC PAC in their missions, join IFC and renew your membership yearly, consider volunteering your time, and get a couple of friends to donate.

Part of our Mission Statement is:

“IFC PAC, just like the rest of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, is a single-issue, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization. We’re made up of everyday Iowans. We don’t get paid to do this. We all have families, and we all live and work right here in Iowa. Fighting to protect and enhance our Second Amendment rights is what we do. We choose to do this because we truly value our freedoms and are willing to sacrifice to protect them.” To help the PAC, you can learn more about the PAC and donate here.

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC