AG Bird and the State of Iowa have joined a coalition of 19 states challenging New York’s “sensitive places” firearm ban!

Iowa joined a coalition of 19 states on an amicus brief challenging New York’s sensitive-places gun restriction. Both cases in which the briefs were filed involve religious leaders seeking to be able to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights. Under New York’s current law, places of worship are “sensitive places” where otherwise lawfully carrying a weapon is prohibited. This article from The Center Square also gives some good background on the situation.

From the article:

In the court filing, lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case — Reverend Jimmie Hardaway, Jr. and Bishop Larry Boyd — say the new restrictions have “stripped” them “of the right to bear arms in order to defend themselves and their congregations.”

The article continues:

“The state has decreed that ‘any place of worship or religious observation’ is a ‘sensitive location’ where ordinary, law-abiding citizens can no longer carry firearms for self-defense, even if a church or place of worship otherwise would authorize the practice,” they wrote in the 51-page brief.

You may remember, IFC was a huge proponent of Attorney General Bird in her run for election.  AG Bird has been a guest on IFC’s Warrior Wednesday weekly video series and has been a staunch and stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment.  AG Bird went on the record early to support IFC’s Freedom Amendment we all enjoy today.

In case you missed her on the campaign trail, view this blog from April of last year, as a rare example of campaign promises kept.  Compare what she said then with her actions as Iowa’s Attorney General now!

If you’d like to read the two amicus briefs view them HERE and HERE.  IFC thanks AG Bird for her commitment to defending and advancing the Second Amendment.  This would NEVER have happened with Iowa’s Previous Attorney General.

AG Bird addressing the crowd at IFC’s Annual 2A Day at the Capitol:

Attorney General Bird