Those Dangerous, and Clueless, Quacks

Those dangerous, and clueless quacks are still proposing their perilous ideas. The latest comes from writer Alan Goldstein in a Special to The Desert Sun titled “Let’s Get Serious And Repeal The Second Amendment.” Why am I not surprised that this article comes out of San Francisco?

His piece is so bad I almost don’t know where to start. Here is the first question I have for Mr. Goldstein; Did you not learn anything from the evil perpetrated upon Six Million Jews by Adolph Hitler? When the Nazis swept into power in the 1930’s the first thing they did was register all the guns. Then they took them from all of the law-abiding people of Germany, giving the Nazis a monopoly on power. But I suppose in his Pollyanna view, getting rid of the Second Amendment will only bring rainbows and unicorns to the world.

This quote from his article lays out just how out of touch his idea is: 

Getting serious means repealing, or drastically amending, the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court has decided that “a well-regulated militia” includes gang bangers and wild-eyed loners with a grudge. They say the Constitution makes it impossible to pass the gun laws that an overwhelming majority of the American people want. But the Constitution is not a suicide note. The Second Amendment can be amended, even repealed.”

I’m not sure where Mr. Goldstein found in recent decisions that gang-bangers and loners are singled out to remain fully armed. But I have news for him, criminals by definition commit crimes, and that’s why disarming honest Americans will not stop crime. 

He further lays out how this repeal would happen, starting with leftist States like California and New York, then spreading throughout the country. Apparently, Mr. Goldstein has not bothered to read about how to amend the Constitution. But the primary way is to get it through Congress first, then send it out to the States to ratify. Good luck with that bucky…

His entire article reeks of elitism, and does not address the serious issues surrounding crime, mental illness, monopolies of power, and breakdowns of the family and communities. He clearly does not see how this, and other leftist policies have exacerbated these issues everywhere they have been tried. 

More importantly, his idea would clear the way for a police state, which is what his tribe wants.

A B747 Captain I flew with as a young pilot at Northwest Airlines had a great phrase that has stuck with me since the day I first heard him say it.

“The clueless always are.”

Let’s not let the clueless and dangerous quacks vote away our God-given right to self-defense. Join or renew your IFC membership today here.  

Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC