Restraining Orders Are Not Worth The Paper They Are Printed On

That’s right, restraining orders are not worth the paper they are printed on. You may know them as no-contact orders, or domestic violence protection orders. Why are they big news right now? Because the US Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in the Rhami case. Now, Rhami is not a guy any of us want living near us, or our loved ones. At issue here is whether Rhami, or anyone for that matter, can be denied their Second Amendment Rights based solely on a civil standard, without representation in an actual hearing.

The Bruen Standard

Under the Bruen standard, as laid out recently, the answer is clearly “No”. You will remember the Miranda warning case from the 1960’s, that caused a lot of bad guys to escape prosecution, because the police did not follow the Constitution. We all know about Miranda from watching police shows on TV. You know your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent (even if you can’t because, as comedian Ron White says, “…I had the right to remain silent, I just didn’t have the capability”!)

As an Iowa police officer for nearly twenty years, I like that we have rules when it comes to catching criminals. The Framers knew that the government would abuse its authority. That’s why we have a Bill of Rights—to limit the monopoly on power and prevent arbitrary prosecutions. As we see in national news every day, our current administration is targeting its political enemies, just as the Framers experienced in the lead-up to the Declaration of Independence.  

Dr. John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center, has recently penned an OpEd over at Real Clear Politics, titled “Domestic Violence Protection Orders Don’t Pass Constitutional Muster”.  You can read it here. The learned Professor once again lays out the arguments in a brilliant fashion regarding Rhami. I suggest you follow the link and read the entire OpEd. 

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Dave Funk
President, IFC