Legislative Victories

2017 – 87th General Assembly

HF517 – Omnibus Gun Bill – SIGNED INTO LAW – BILL

  • SBRs/SBSs – Legalized Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) and Short Barrel Shotguns
  • “Going Armed with Intent” language fix – the act of carrying a firearm no longer implies an intent to harm someone
  • Duty to Carry – removes a Permit to Carry holder’s duty to carry their permit with them at all times
  • Hunter Safety – makes Hunter Safety courses that include a handgun safety training acceptable training for Permit to Carry applicants
  • Permit Renewal Requirements – removes the requirement for training when renewing a Permit to Carry
  • Permits for Military Personnel and Veterans – allows military veterans to use their DD214 for proof of training while applying or renewing a Permit to Carry
  • Permit Renewal Window – extended to 30 days before or after your expiration date
  • Permit to Carry Fees – set statewide at $50 initial permit applications and $25 for renewals
  • Uniform Permits – mandates that all new permits have a uniform appearance statewide
  • Permits to Acquire – valid for 5 years rather than 1
  • Supervised Youth Handgun Shooting – repeals the ban on supervised youth handgun shooting
  • Permit Privacy – bars the dissemination of personal information found on Permits to Carry and Permits to Acquire
  • Capitol Carry – Permit to Carry holders may carry concealed in the Iowa Capitol
  • Emergency Powers – Prohibits the government from confiscating guns or limiting the Second Amendment during a declared state of emergency e.g. Hurricane Katrina gun confiscations
  • Stand Your Ground – removes the duty to retreat from a self-defense situation
  • Straw Purchasing Penalties – anyone caught purchasing a firearm for a prohibited person will be charged with a Class D Felony
  • ATV Carry Cleanup – removes the “retention holster” requirement while carrying on an ATV or snowmobile
  • Target Shooting on Private Property – a person target shooting private property in an unincorporated area cannot be charged with a public nuisance

2016 – 86th General Assembly

HF2314 – Privacy Protection Act – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
HF2281 – Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
HF2280 – Emergency Protection Act – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
HF2283 – ATV Carry Act – Signed into law – BILL
HF2279 – Hearing Protection Act – Signed into law – BILL

2015 – 86th General Assembly

SF427 – Omnibus Firearms Bill – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
DEFEATED – HF70 – 10 magazine limit – BILL
DEFEATED – HF76 – Banning the transfer of all semi-auto firearms – BILL
DEFEATED – HF77 – Universal Background Checks – BILL

2014 – 85th General Assembly

HF2381 – Suppressor Legalization – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL

2013 – 85th General Assembly

HF535 – Permit Records Privacy – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL

2012 – 84th General Assembly

HRJ2001 – Repeal Administrative Lead Ammo Ban – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
HJR2009 – Constitutional RKBA Amendment – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
HF2215 – Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine – Passed House, Killed by Senate Inaction – BILL
Executive Order Overturning Lead Ammo Ban – LINK

 2011 – 84th General Assembly

Defeated Several Shall Issue Rollback Attempts
SF464 – Mourning Dove Hunting Season – Signed by Governor – BILL
SF456 – NICS Improvement Amendment Act – Signed by Governor – BILL

2010 – 83rd General Assembly

SF2397 – Shall Issue – Signed into law – BILL
SF2200 – Repeal of Loaded Magazine Ban – Signed into law – BILL

Legislative Priorities

Short term

Items that could theoretically be passed right now IF they were brought to a vote in both chambers of the legislature:

Legalize NFA items

Repeal the ban supervised youth shooting

Gun owner privacy protection

Emergency powers protection for Second Amendment rights

Preemption cleanup

Permit to Carry uniformity

Permit to Carry training clarification

Long term

Items that realistically stand little chance of passage right now because of the current make up of the Iowa legislature:

Constitutional amendment – adding the right to keep and bear arms to the Iowa Constitution

Stand Your Ground

Constitutional Carry

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