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John McLaughlin on Less Than Lethal Self Defense Options

John McLaughlin on Less Than Lethal Self Defense Options

In today’s Warrior Wednesday, John McLaughlin continues his discussion from last week on less than lethal self-defense, including Tasers, Stun Guns, Collapsible Batons, and Pepper Spray. John’s opinions on defensive tools are his own and do not imply an endorsement for any particular brand or method by the Iowa Firearms Coalition. We encourage all law-abiding Iowans to take not just firearms training but engage in classwork covering less than lethal options, managing unknown contacts, and verbal de-escalation. Today’s video includes actual footage of law enforcement defensive encounters where lethal force was required after non-lethal options failed.


FIND Act – Fighting Board Room Gun Control

FIND Act – Fighting Board Room Gun Control

March 8th, 2022 Rep. Jack Bergman (MI-01) alongside 55 other members of Congress introduced the Firearm Industry Non-Discrimination (FIND) Act. A bill purposely created to fight against large financial institutions and corporations who refuse to work with a business simply for them being part of the 2nd Amendment community.

From the article;

“Large financial institutions and other corporations, many of whom benefit from federal contracts, have increasingly adopted policies designed to hurt the domestic firearm industry – from forcing restrictions on the products they can sell, to outright refusing to provide basic services. These policies have, in effect, restricted access to legal firearms well beyond the democratically-established firearm laws at the state and federal levels.

To address this problem, the FIND Act would prevent any businesses that discriminate against firearm businesses or associations from contracting or subcontracting with the federal government – ensuring that federal funding is not used to further these harmful policies.”

One recent example I am aware of is from a local Iowa business “Schiwerks,” I spoke with the owner Sam Schieuer who not long ago had his business discriminated against for working in the gun industry. Schiwerks offers cerakoting, laser engraving, stippling, slide milling which could all be chalked up as art work. They are a proud Iowa business who makes quality products but due to the political climate and cancel culture they found themselves on the receiving end of discrimination.

First, their payment processor dropped them for cerakoting firearms, which is a high quality paint like protectant. Sam said, “I explained to them I do not sell, I’m just an artist. They didn’t care and refused my business. Left me high and dry without a way to do business for a few days.”

The second case of discrimination he received was that his homeowners insurance dropped him not because he runs a business out of his home, rather it being a firearm related business. So they dropped him and the only way he was able to reinstate coverage was to pay more than double his previous amount.

This is the exact type of discrimination the FIND Act is supposed to fight against, it’s worth noting Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) is one of the 55 members of Congress who have signed onto this bill. 

Click Schiwerks , if you would like to reach out in support of them or to view their services. As always, thank you for supporting Iowa Firearms Coalition.

Dillon Daughenbaugh

IFC Communications Director

Stephen Willeford, Texan Who Stopped First Baptist Church Killer, Headlines IFC 2A Day

Stephen Willeford, Texan Who Stopped First Baptist Church Killer, Headlines IFC 2A Day

Stephen Willeford, Texan Who Stopped First Baptist Church Killer, Headlines IFC 2A Day

Learn the inside story of how one patriot prepared a lifetime for when the moment chose him. Meet Stephen Willeford of Sutherland Springs, Texas who stopped the killer at the First Baptist Church in November of 2017. Mr. Willeford grabbed his AR-15 and a handful of rounds to load a magazine, then ran barefoot from his home to the church where shots were being fired. Iowans can learn more about this event and meet Mr. Willeford in person on February 24th at the IFC Second Amendment day gathering, 2-4pm in the Iowa Capitol Rotunda.

Enjoy two great events that day and listen to Stephen’s story and visit with him in person! If you would like to join IFC in the fight, email us at info@iowafc.org or consider joining as a member here.

Enjoy this introductory video below Iowa Firearms Coalition Chairman John Mclaughlin did with Mr. Willeford.



The Best “F” IFC Ever Earned!

The Best “F” IFC Ever Earned!

21 Feb 2022 

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has awarded Iowa an “F” rating for our lack of support for gun control, we will take that as a badge of honor. We were previously a “C” and have been chasing the elusive “F” rating. While Giffords is not a reliable source, the link to their publishing can be found here.

Now to correct their mistakes. We did not recently allow guns at the Capitol, that happened in 2017. (There was a change to the wording this year to drop the requirement for a PCW.) Also, they state we repealed a “3 day wait on the purchase of firearms”, but that delay applied only to the transfer of pistols and revolvers and was instituted long before the establishment of the National Instant Check System.  Let there be NO QUESTION of IFC’s list of legislative victories and the opposition’s defeats which you can FIND HERE.

Chris Lee of NSSF says that “Iowa saw the biggest ranking drop of any state thanks to your hard work.” 

Even Giffords admits that we are ranked 38 lowest out of 50 for the rate of deaths by gun – 18% below the national average. Which is proof that the increase in responsible firearm ownership may also play a part in a decrease in crime. Compare that with the states that have the strictest gun control coincidentally have the highest crime rate. 

Giffords Gun Control Wishlist

  • Require background checks for all gun sales
  • Enact red flag laws
  • Repeal permitless carry
  • Assault weapon ban
  • Restrict bulk firearm purchases
  • Firearms Licensing
  • Lost & Stolen firearm reporting
  • Large capacity magazine ban

The Iowa Firearms Coalition advocates for the safe handling, carrying, and securing of firearms by all persons who can legally possess them. We don’t fight for just gun rights, this is more about freedom to exercise your right to keep and bear arms than anything else. We are a young organization compared to the National Rifle Association’s 150+ years of advocacy. IFC’s preemptive approach is being recognized all across the country for being one of the most proactive 2A advocacy groups. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, with your help that wish list above will never see the light of day, consider becoming a member today. Join IFC Today

IFC has recently become an affiliate of Mountain Man Medical as well as Firearms Legal Protection. Feel free to use the affiliate links below for an IFC discount on great products!

Mountain Man Medical – https://www.mountainmanmedical.com/iowa-firearms-coalition-ifc-medkits/

Firearms Legal Protection – https://firearmslegal.com/flp-news/iowa-firearms-coalition-partners-with-firearms-legal-protection/2022/02/08/


IFC-PAC Fundraising Dinner – SOLD OUT!!

IFC-PAC Fundraising Dinner – SOLD OUT!!

The exclusive IFC-PAC Dinner has officially sold out! We would like to thank all of the IFC members and supporters for standing with us over the years, and for attending 2nd Amendment Day! If you didn’t get your tickets, no worries, this is the first of many IFC soirees. So, become a member if you’re not, and stay tuned for what’s to come!

Check out our EVENTS PAGE or read below:

The IFC-PAC would like to invite you to a limited engagement fundraiser.  The political action committee has secured “The Front Row” (9956 Swanson Blvd, Clive IA 50325) on February 24th at 6pm following 2A Day at the Capitol. $75 PAC donation gets you a good steak dinner with sides, draft beer/soda, etc. This will be a meet & greet of the 2A Day presenters, as well as a push towards Iowa having 2A protections in the State Constitution with a future passing of the Freedom Amendment.

Purchase your tickets HERE for the PAC Dinner!  Tickets are limited to 75 total seats, so don’t hesitate to contribute to the IFC-PAC, support the cause, and enjoy a great supper with much camaraderie!

Iowa Firearms Coalition is now an affiliate of Mountain Man Medical – Click the link Here to see the great tools and discount Iowa Firearms Coalition is offered. As always, thank you for the support.

Great News! Iowa Firearms Coalition has partnered with Firearms Legal Protection in offering an exclusive discount for members of IFC to be protected after defending against an attacked. Watch the video below to learn more.

DNR Finalizes Location of Townhalls for Crucial Hunting, Trapping, and Rule Changes

DNR Finalizes Location of Townhalls for Crucial Hunting, Trapping, and Rule Changes

The Iowa Firearms Coalition consists of many avid hunters, just as much as we put value in the ethical harvest of game, we put value in sharing the most up to date information regarding the DNR. The following is a very important list of events we would like to encourage our members and followers to attend.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hosting a series of town hall-style meetings where local staff will provide updates on recently completed hunting and trapping seasons, discuss possible changes to hunting and trapping rules and regulations, and address other topics as requested.
Click Here For Full Story

As a First Responder, Veteran, and hunter I can’t stress the importance of carrying first aid equipment while out on a hunt to include a quality tourniquet. The video below Iowa Firearms Chairman John Mclaughlin shares with us the importance of a quality TQ and first aid. Enjoy, and remember to please like, comment, and subscribe to our Youtube. If you like what we do and want to help out, shoot us an email at info@iowafc.org and join our ranks Membership


On the Move – Employee Privacy Act

On the Move – Employee Privacy Act


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Employee Privacy Act, SF2143, a bill that seeks to end the de facto ban on self-defense carrying of a firearm in Iowa, was approved by the Iowa Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee at Wednesday’s meeting. The bill being on the moved is a testament to the support Iowa Legislators have for Iowa Firearms Coalition.

The bill, which has been promoted by the Iowa Firearms Coalition, would allow Iowans to secure their firearms in their private vehicles, even when parked at their place of employment.

“Iowa employers can and are threatening to fire their staff over something as innocent as a weapon locked and properly stowed in their vehicle,” said Dave Funk, IFC President. “This vote moves Iowa one step closer towards protecting the civil rights of Iowans, and we are grateful to the legislators who have voted in favor of it.”

It is the strong belief of the Iowa Firearms Coalition that no employer should be able to harm the livelihood and wellbeing of their employees because they have chosen to keep legal items in their vehicle and exercise their rights under the Constitution of the United States. If you would like to assist in our efforts to preserve and protect Iowa’s 2nd Amendment Rights, please join us by clicking Membership

The Iowa Legislature is expected to vote on the final bill later this session, we will continue to be the leading group to keep you informed. Thanks for your support, for those who haven’t heard, Iowa Firearms Coalition has partnered with Firearms Legal Protection to give Iowan’s the best fighting chance in the rare case you have to defend your life with lethal force. Watch the video below as John Mclaughlin explains the partnership. See you at IFC’s annual 2nd Amendment Day, Iowa’s largest 2A Rally! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Warrior Wednesday – Lt. Col. (RET) David Grossman

Warrior Wednesday – Lt. Col. (RET) David Grossman

This week on Warrior Wednesday join us as Iowa Firearms Coalition Chairman John McLaughlin invites Lt. Colonel David Grossman for a conversation.

Author and researcher Lt. Col. David Grossman (US Army Ret.) offers his thoughts on the increase of violent crime in the U.S. and theorizes that the actual murder rate is being held down because of improvements in emergency medical care and law enforcement officers carrying tourniquets. Grossman believes violence against police will continue due to the “defund the police movement” and media bias against law enforcement in Hollywood movies and television programs.

Dillon Daughenbaugh – IFC Communications Director