Membership Levels

Membership with IFC is open to all people who have an interest in firearms, and we welcome the opportunity to have you as a new member.

Your contribution will help IFC in all of our efforts to reform Iowa law, protect our firearms rights, and educate Iowans with respect to their firearms rights and responsibilities. Our organization is entirely formed and run by volunteers, rest assured your contribution to the IFC is not a profit for any individual.

While we offer our website, the e-mail alert announcement list, and the Legislative Action Center we depend upon the financial backing of Supporting Members. By becoming a Supporting Member, you help fund our efforts. Membership dues go to pay for printed materials, Internet hosting, event table fees, or Legislative Action Center (LAC), and other costs. In addition, you will be aiding IFC in our main activities: interacting with legislators, lawyers, the media, and any other action that helps to further the cause of firearms rights in Iowa.

Level Price  


A one year membership for an individual.

$45.00 per Year.



A one year membership for a business.

$50.00 per Year.



A lifetime membership for an individual.

$750.00 now.



A one year membership for an individual under the age of 18.

$10.00 per Year.


American Hero

A one year membership for active/retired law enforcement, first responders, active duty military, and veterans.

$35.00 per Year.