NRA’s Programs and Competitions

NRA Programs

The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to continue as the preeminent organization representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We partner with first-rate organizations all over America to help bring you the very best in various programs, competitions, information, and shooting interests.

Are you a first-time firearm owner looking for instruction and need to find a course? Are you looking to brush up on your basic safety rules before you take your daughter out to the range? What about some help with your son and his first hunt? NRA is chocked full of fantastic low and no-cost courses of instruction. Ask IFC how you can become involved.

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One of the greatest programs going is the Eddie Eagle. Whether you’re looking for the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program in general or the Eddie Eagle Treehouse, there are no shortages of fantastic youth safety and responsibility programs NRA has labored to offer our youth. Over 32 million children have participated in the Eddie Eagle program since its’ inception.

Is your school safe? Have your local Peace Officers taken training from NRA’s School Shield yet? IFC brought the NRA School Shield to Iowa for the first time EVER in 2019.

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“As a result of this training, I now feel better equipped to assess and identify opportunities for our local schools to make adjustments to their security components and emergency response protocols. Anything we can do to make our schools and children safer, is worth our time and effort.” – Lt. Aaron Groves, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

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