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I’m not sure how you missed it, but we’re glad you finally arrived.  If your county hasn’t become a 2A Sanctuary County yet, it should be.  If you really ponder this properly, to not become a 2A Sanctuary is to say you don’t care about the civil rights of those folks within the borders of your county.  Who would say that out loud?  The Second Amendment is watered down and placed under attack more than any item in the Bill of Rights.  Show me another fundamental human right that is more battered, bruised, or diminished.

As a County Board of Supervisors, the job is easy when it comes to resolutions.  A, declare your support for a virtuous position.  B, thank your constituents for their continued decency.  A well-offered resolution pointing out your support doesn’t have to be complex.

How to make your county

If you’re a County Resident:

  • Find or identify your local county board of supervisors.  Most counties have a website that offers the supervisor’s information so you may contact them.  If not, you’ll be able to get this information at the local courthouse by calling or visiting with them.
  • Reach out to ALL of your local supervisors.
  • Illustrate and show them the examples of other counties and remind them just how important the Bill of Rights is to you.  Make sure your supervisors know you need them to take a stand and declare the Second Amendment is important to them.
  • Rally others to the cause.  Your voice is important, but several voices when you engage your friends and neighbors make the difference.
  • Offer them the sample language below.

If you’re a County Supervisor:

  • Take the sample language below and read it thoroughly.
  • Understand that you’re taking a stand on the virtues contained in the Bill of Rights.  Nobody can argue that the 2A isn’t tinkered with and chipped away day after day.  As a County Supervisor, you’re signaling with a resolution that you support the Second Amendment for your constituents.
  • As an elected official of the County, you recognize you won’t encourage or participate in the Jim Crow racist origins of ‘gun control’ and further them upon your friends and neighbors.  As a leader of your community, you know and cherish a government that doesn’t pick and choose which citizens it’ll bestow or remove basic human rights.  County Sheriffs and County Attorneys have come on board as well to show their support for the civil rights of their county brethren.
  • Some counties have tweaked the sample language a bit, but most have elevated it and passed their resolutions ‘as is’ for their counties.
  • Remember, you’re going to hear some people who think your resolution rolls back federal and state laws.  We know this isn’t true.  Help them understand this is a support declaration for a civil right.  As individuals, they can embrace or deny those civil rights for themselves, but as an elected official it is your responsibility to protect those choices for each person to make, across the board.

Download a copy of IFC’s 2A Sanctuary Explanation below:

IFC 2A Sanctuary Explanation

Download your copy of the 2A Sanctuary Language below:

IFC’s 2A Sanctuary Sample Language

When will the State of Iowa become a complete 2A Sanctuary?

We’d love to see our Governor made such a declaration. Let Governor Reynolds and Lt Governor Gregg know you want our state to affirm and support this civil right by using IFC’s ACTION CENTER to send a quick message.

Today, there are over 60% of America’s counties declared as 2A Sanctuaries according to Iowa has been lacking performance in this realm, until recently. We’ve had some forward-thinking and civil rights-oriented county leadership step forward in Iowa and affirm their county citizen’s rights. IFC is excited to see this come to fruition. We blogged about this over a year ago, and distributed sample language far and wide for consideration. Many counties are taking the sample language and running with it.

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Please understand. 

There are lots of laws and regulations out there, so the more specific you make your county’s resolution, the more chance there is for a conflict somewhere with something.  This is a solemn reminder we’ve got too many laws and too much government.  Some counties are seeking to avoid any kind of conflict with the Iowa Code by aiming their opposition to further restrictions of this fundamental right squarely at the Federal Government.  Some are simply making a statement that they support the Second Amendment and oppose further regulation.  No matter where you fall, as a constituent or county, know the more complex and complicated you make a resolution, the easier it is for someone to misinterpret your intent.

2A Sanctuary Counties Map

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