Trusted Partners

Iowa Firearms Coalition is building a network of trusted industry partners offering special pricing and services to our membership.  We appreciate these businesses in assisting us in promoting and expanding the outreach of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

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IFC Chair John McLaughlin discusses Firearms Legal Protection with attorney Bill Grammer
Mountain Man Medical
IFC Chair John McLaughlin on partnering with Mountain Man Medical for life-saving trauma kits.
Haven Defense Co.

Haven Defense was created when we felt a local need for quality defensive gear in 2016, after taking some high-end training courses that pushed the gear available past its limits, we started making our own. Only after getting into the holster-making community did we find a number of other great holster companies. Now we develop our own CNC molds for our lineup as well as sell molds to other holster companies to help make quality, fast production gear for everyone.

Our mission is simple “Make quality defense of life gear and defend the right to self-protection and all it encompasses.”  20% off for IFC Members! Use IFC20 at checkout!

POM Industries

POM Industries leverages over 40 years of industry experience in the design and manufacturing of aerosol defense products. We’ve improved the safety, performance, and design of pepper spray to offer our customers the most up-to-date and powerful non-lethal defense product on the market.

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Hatpoint Target

HatPoint Target is a successful, early-stage company that manufactures in U.S.A. a lightweight polymer target stand that is very tough and useful across many different shooting disciplines.

Recreational target practice, for hunting enthusiasts, law enforcement, military, gun ranges, and competition courses, find this target stand to be a useful product and include this as part of their shooting gear, setup and

IFC Members use code IFC10 at checkout!

Controlled Chaos Arms

Controlled Chaos Arms, is your complete source for custom firearm builds, refinishing, refurbishing, gunsmithing, and consulting needs in middle America and beyond. We specialize in Cerakote refinishing from mono-chromatic to the most realistic in camo patterns and design.  Precision and Tactical weapon customization, sales, and service are our strengths – with onsite service available.

CCA buys used firearms and offers firearms estate planning and liquidation services, along with appraisals and consulting.  Contact CCA now.

CCA offers FREE inbound firearms transfers for ALL IFC Members

Brownells, Inc.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Bob Brownell was a middle-America businessman who owned and managed a gas station and sandwich shop in his small hometown, Montezuma, Iowa. In his free time, Bob was a devoted shooter and outdoorsman who enjoyed repairing and customizing firearms. He started by working on his own guns, but news of his talent spread quickly and he soon began accepting jobs from friends. By 1938, his gunsmithing hobby was making profits, so Bob added part-time gunsmith to his list of businesses.  Brownells has expanded and become THE go-to source for all things firearm-related in the last 75 years.

IFC Members use code IFC10 at checkout for $10 off orders of $150 or more!

Farro's Lead Farm

Farro’s Lead Farm was started in 2012 by Elliott Farro.  He was in the U.S. Army for 8 years and had a distinguished career in the Army Marksmanship Unit and Small Arms Readiness Group.  

The Lead Farm started out as a firearms training company and soon expanded into Ammunition and Firearm manufacturing.

Machine gun rentals, professional service, firearm sales, orders, and transfers, along with a huge complement of suppressors make Farro’s Lead Farm your choice!

CrossRoads Shooting Sports

We know that buying a firearm can be intimidating and uncomfortable, especially if it will be your first purchase. Using an online new pistol buying guide can help you sort out the jargon and find out what you need to know before buying, but you’ll still need training and one-to-one support to help you.

When we envisioned CrossRoads Shooting Sports, we had a different model in mind: open, modern, and clean with no attitudes, no pressure and no gimmicks. Whether it’s your first time holding a firearm, or you’re an experienced shooter looking for that latest piece of gear, you will be met by professionals whose only goal is to serve you with a humble spirit. With nearly 17,000 square feet of total space, classroom facilities, and a state of the art indoor shooting range, CrossRoads Shooting Sports is here to meet your needs, at your level, when you are ready.

Volquartsen Firearms

Volquartsen Firearms engineers the world’s finest rimfire rifles, pistols, and parts. Manufactured and precision-built from start to finish, exclusively at their facilities in Carroll, Iowa. The full line of Volquartsen products has become some of the most sought-after in the industry. Trusted by competition shooters, plinkers, hunters, and everyone in between. Made in America since 1974.

RMA Armament, Inc.

RMA Armament is a manufacturer of American-Made ballistic body armor and tactical gear supplier. We utilize ultra-light and ultra-strong body armor technologies previously only available to government agencies and make them available for all law enforcement, military personnel, and law-abiding citizens. If you’re looking for ballistic body armor, plate carriers, ballistic helmets, and other tactical gear at affordable pricing, then you’re in the right place.

Founded by a US Marine and former law enforcement officer, RMA’s manufacturing and quality control are second to none. RMA Armament is the only major hard armor manufacturer to never fail an NIJ Follow-up Inspection Test.