Trusted Partners

Iowa Firearms Coalition is building a network of trusted industry partners offering special pricing and services to our membership.  We appreciate these businesses in assisting us in promoting and expanding the outreach of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

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FLP/IFC Press Release
IFC Chair John McLaughlin announced FLP partnership

IFC Chair John McLaughlin discusses Firearms Legal Protection with attorney Bill Grammer

Mountain Man Medical
IFC Chair John McLaughlin on partnering with Mountain Man Medical for life-saving trauma kits.
IFC Chair John McLaughlin demonstrates how to use the Mountain Man Medical trauma kits.

IFC Chair John McLaughlin visits with Mountain Man Medical's training director Brian McLaughlin

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Volquartsen Firearms

Volquartsen Firearms engineers the world’s finest rimfire rifles, pistols, and parts. Manufactured and precision-built from start to finish, exclusively at their facilities in Carroll, Iowa. The full line of Volquartsen products has become some of the most sought-after in the industry. Trusted by competition shooters, plinkers, hunters, and everyone in between. Made in America since 1974.

Mountain Man Medical
RMA Armament, Inc.

RMA Armament is a manufacturer of American-Made ballistic body armor and tactical gear supplier. We utilize ultra-light and ultra-strong body armor technologies previously only available to government agencies and make them available for all law enforcement, military personnel, and law-abiding citizens. If you’re looking for ballistic body armor, plate carriers, ballistic helmets, and other tactical gear at affordable pricing, then you’re in the right place.

Founded by a US Marine and former law enforcement officer, RMA’s manufacturing and quality control are second to none. RMA Armament is the only major hard armor manufacturer to never fail an NIJ Follow-up Inspection Test. We’re proud to build the world’s finest armor products for protecting your home, your community, and your country. Don’t bet your life on anything less than the best!