Going to the State Fair? IFC needs your help!

Iowa State Fairgoers: The anti-gunners are at it again!

We have just received word that the anti-gun Bloomberg organization Moms Demand Action is planning on crashing Joni Ernst’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair tomorrowAugust 8!  Joni Ernst, a senator in the state legislature and lieutenant colonel in the Iowa National Guard, is the pro-gun candidate running against anti-gun Bruce Braley for Tom Harkin’s Senate seat.  Because of that, MDA is sending e-mails and making phone calls as I type, recruiting their anti-gun, billionaire backed, astroturf activists to come to our fair and bushwhack Ernst when she’s scheduled to speak at the Soap Box Friday morning at 10:30 AM.

We IFC’ers obviously cannot allow that go to unanswered!

PLEASE, if you’re attending the Iowa State Fair tomorrowstop by the Soap Box before 10:30 AM Friday morningAugust 8, and show Bloomberg and those MDA folks that their silly New York City, anti-gun nonsense has no place here in Iowa, where we value our civil rights and freedom!  And if you weren’t planning on attending, change your schedule and get to Des Moines Friday morning!  The earlier you get there the better, because they and anti-gun Bruce Braley’s supporters will be there an hour or two ahead of time.

If you do attend, we ask that you be respectful and conduct yourselves in a civil manner, even though anti-gunners are often the opposite; we do not want to stoop to their level.  Feel free to make some pro-gun picket signs to hold up, showing your support for gun rights and/or Joni Ernst–but keep them clean and make sure everything is spelled correctly.  Remember: the Iowa State Fair is a family affair, and there will be media there covering the event…We want to put on our best show and represent ourselves professionally.

Thank you all for your help!  Only together can we stop Moms Demand Action!

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,
Barry B. Snell
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member 

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