Apples to apples, a comparison that we hear all the time from those dangerous quack gun control advocates. You know, the same people who tell us to “follow the science”, but who never do. A great example is that for over two hundred years New York City’s murder rate has been more than five times what London’s has been. In 1911, NYC passed the strictest gun control law in America.  This was, thankfully, overturned by the Bruen decision over 100 years later. In this YouTube video, “Gun Control Zealots Hate Facts, This is Why…”, Dr. Thomas Sowell points out why it’s important to look into the full history and not just make snapshot comparisons of different countries. As Dr. Sowell says; “Gun control zealots, they hate facts!” Sorta like President Biden when it comes to guns.


One important piece of legislation that was passed and just signed by Governor Reynolds is the Students First Safety Act. Slightly amended from the original version that passed the Iowa House, it takes effect immediately.

In an op-ed out of The Tennessean, we find out that the same common sense eluding Iowa’s State Education Association leadership is also a problem in The Volunteer State.  The author opines: 

“Teachers like me are trained to educate kids. Arming us will make everyone less safe.”

It’s easy for any thinking person to take her arguments apart here:

“My lifelong passion for education has led me straight to Nashville, Tennessee, where I now major in elementary education at Vanderbilt.

Part of my studies requires me to complete countless hours of elementary education curricula, including tutoring, practicum, and student teaching, all to ensure I’m well trained for the many challenges of the job. Managing a classroom is taxing, it takes an incredible amount of focus and dedication for not only students but also teachers, to get through a single lesson.

And these difficulties are all without deadly weapons in the mix. Our attention should be on students, not firearms. Guns are already the leading cause of death for my generation – and my students’ generation – and this would only increase the risk for me and my students.”

Teachers overwhelmingly agree that guns do not belong in schools

More guns in more places do not make us safer, especially schools. The risk of a shooting increases when we bring guns into the classroom. There have already been several incidents of guns unintentionally or intentionally discharged on school grounds by school staff. Not only that but research also strongly suggests that children will access guns when they are present. There have been multiple situations where guns carried into schools were misplaced and several more where they were outright stolen by students.”

Interesting to me that Tennessee teachers don’t trust their fellow teachers with firearms, yet they expect us to trust these same teachers with our kids? Several of the author’s statements are flat-out lies.

Scholastic Clays is the safest sport in American schools and has been from its inception. 

Never forget that Time and Math are irrefutable when it comes to stopping an armed attacker. 

Watch this short Facebook video by IFC Board member Richard Rogers for a breakdown of our legislative victories in this session here. Richard will have more details on those victories shortly. 

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Dave Funk
Iowa Firearms Coalition