“Blind people shouldn’t have guns!” WRONG — the story of Melchisedec Williams

Remember how eager anti-gunners in Iowa were to treat the visually impaired like second class citizens undeserving of the right to protect themselves (Huffington Post: Iowa Issues Gun Permits To The Blind, Allowing Them To Carry In Public)? Remember the fit they threw when they realized blind Iowans have the same 2nd Amendment rights as everyone else? Well here’s a story that’ll probably drive them up a wall.

We’re happy to share the story Melchisedec Williams. Over the weekend, Williams a legally blind Florida man, managed to use a gun protect himself from a knife wielding intruder. The cliff note version of Tampa Tribune story are below (full story here).

Remember this story the next time someone is trying to downplay the equal 2A rights for all Americans.


Image courtesy: http://www.easybakegunclub.com/news/5328/Legally-blind-felon-shoots,-kills-intruder-who-cut.html

Melchisedec Williams has owned a handgun since 1989. He bought the weapon for protection, but the years went by and he never used it. When he began losing his eyesight in 2005 – he’s now mostly blind – he thought he might never fire the weapon.The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m., shortly after he lost power in his Tampa home. Williams said he heard numerous rocks being thrown on his front porch, then the sound of a window breaking in an unoccupied bedroom in his home.

He grabbed the handgun and listened to the footsteps in his home. He could make out the beam of a flashlight that the intruder carried with him.

Williams didn’t know it at the time, but it was his 15-year-old nephew, Isaiah Moses Carter, who had broken in.

Police said Carter walked into the kitchen, where he got a knife and walked toward the living room where Williams was waiting, gun in hand.

Williams fired and struck his nephew.

Detectives had not interviewed Carter on Monday and he has not been charged with a crime. The case remains under investigation, and police are working with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office, McElroy said.

“I’m just glad I had the gun to protect me,” Williams said. “No telling what they would have done to me. I could be laid up in the hospital or in the morgue.”


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