Review & Preview: Week 16 in the Iowa Legislature

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.
-Napoleon Bonaparte


Week 16 Review

The Iowa Senate continues to purposely stall SF427, the Omnibus Gun Bill. There has been no new action on the bill this week.

Iowa Firearms Coalition members are fighting this malicious inaction. We’ve activated a new Advocacy Campaign and are calling on each and every one of you to turn up the pressure on the Senate and the Senate’s leadership.

More details below on how you can do your part to help the cause.

Week 17 Preview

Right now many of us have more questions than answers with regard to the status of SF427. It is still a viable bill that can be voted on at a moment’s notice IF Senate Majority Leader (D) Mike Gronstal were to allow the democratic process to actually occur.

Our current situation epitomizes everything that’s wrong and broke about our legislative system, and we need your help to get the word out.

When a bill, such as SF427, passes 6 votes, each time with  bipartisan support, often receiving a supermajority vote, you’d think the Senate would recognize that it deserves a vote.When a bill, such as SF427, would protect the privacy more than a quarter million Iowans, you’d think the Senate would give it a fair vote.When a bill, such as SF427, is backed by Iowa’s police agencies, you’d think the Senate would listen to the men and women that keep them safe.

Senator Gronstal and the inner circle that makes up the Senate leadership are purposely blocking this bill from being brought to a vote.

They’re doing this because they’re afraid.

Radical out of state gun control groups have put a lot of pressure on them to kill the Omnibus Gun Bill by any means possible. Undoubtedly there have been promises made about the 2016 elections as well. The Senate leadership is afraid that voting on this bill would mean their members would have to go on record and show their true colors.

They’d rather pander to nanny state billionaires than do their jobs and serve the people of Iowa. They know the Omnibus Gun Bill has the votes to pass, but in order to keep their 1% East Coast sugar daddies happy they’re forced to use ticky-tack procedural methods to kill this bill rather than give it the vote it deserves.

That is the real reason they refuse to bring SF427 to a vote.

What You Can Do

The time has come for us to hold the Senate Majority Leadership accountable. Rather than continue to make us explain *why* SF427 should receive a vote, it is time for us to require THEM to answer *why not.*

Use our newest Advocacy Campaign to quickly and easily email your Senator. Help us send a strong message – ‘Your inaction on SF427 will be considered the same as a “No” vote.’

If you can, copy the body of that message and send an additional email to the Senate leadership as well. Their email addresses are:;;;

The Senate switchboard will open for calls tomorrow (Monday) at 1:00 p.m.

Call them and leave a message – (515)281-3371“SF427 deserves a vote! It’s time to do what’s right for the people of Iowa. Stop the games and bring Senate File 427 to floor.”

Ask that the message is delivered to your Senator as well as the Senate leadership.

Closing Thoughts

Ask yourself, “Who runs Iowa? Do out-of-state astroturf organizations funded by New York billionaires run Iowa? Or do Iowans run Iowa? Do Iowans want to be told by East Coast gun grabbers how we should live our lives? Or do we want Iowa Legislators to represent IOWA values?”

If Senators Gronstal and Sodders block our other 48 Senators from voting on SF427, they will have single handedly disenfranchised millions of Iowans. We cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen. As a 2nd Amendment advocate, if you have been saving your time and energy to be heard during this legislative session; now is the time! We’ve worked too hard to throw in the towel now.

Call or email your Iowa Senator repeatedly this week and explain that we will not relent on this issue. Tell the Senate leadership we expect them to listen to the people of Iowa, or we will hold the whole Senate accountable at the voting booth in 2016!

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