HSB133 Advances Out of Iowa House Subcommitee

Next step: House Judiciary Committee

House Study Bill 133 just advanced through its subcommittee hearing without amendment on a 2-1 vote with Representatives Matt Windschitl and Greg Heartsill voting Yea and Representative Mary Wolfe voting Nay.

House Judiciary Subcommittee members for HSB133 Representatives Matt Windschitl, Greg Heartsill and Mary Wolfe

HSB133 now heads to the House Judiciary Committee. The bill will have to pass out of the House Judiciary by March 3rd in order to avoid being killed by the first legislative funnel of the year. We’ve listed the email addresses of members of the House Judiciary Committee below. Please contact them and respectfully encourage them to advance HSB133 to a vote in the full House of Representatives.

For those of you wondering how this process works we’ve created step-by-step guide explaining¬†How a Bill Becomes a Law in Iowa. HSB113 has just completed step eight.

Finally, don’t forget, we’ve got Second Amendment Day in the capitol coming up on March 7th. If all goes well HSB133 will be eligible for a vote in the House at that point and you can tell your elected officials face-to-face you want to see this bill signed into law.

Join us on March 7th in the capitol!

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  1. Randy Crawford says:

    Great progress, including legalizing SBR’s. Another item for the wish-list is binary triggers, currently legal in 43 states, Iowa can make it 44. >>>>

  2. tom winn says:

    a day late and a dollar short- even now its a hodgepodge of unnecessary leguslation- the good stuff will be lost like the passage of the silencer bill- lot of iowa hit men out there this state cares more for hogs tha taxpayers

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