These Representatives Need to be Thanked for Voting YES on HF517

Breaking Ranks on HF517

The March 7th House vote on HF517, the Omnibus Gun-Owner Bill, saw the bill passed 58-39. Two Republicans, Reps. Heaton & Bergan, voted against the bill, and two Democrats, Reps. Ourth and Bearinger, voted for HF517.

The left leaning Iowa politics blog Bleeding Heartland recently posted the following statements from Representative Scott Ourth about why he broke from the rest of the Democrats and voted in favor of HF517 (we’ve placed the critical statement in bold). These statements are extremely telling and we commend these Representatives on listening to their constituents

The bill, in its original form, was absolutely horrible, and I was a definite “no” vote. What worried me was that the bill was going to pass in a form that would have been very dangerous, especially to children, college campuses, etc.
Knowing that Rep. Windschitl was eager to show at least some bipartisanship on the bill, I sat down with him in an attempt to pull back on some of the extreme measures and add safety measures back in. In the end, I was able to get parental supervision redefined to mean close physical proximity conducive to hands-on instruction.
Also, we got background checks at private gun sales put back in, along with a ban on firearms on college campuses and permits to obtain and to carry.
In the end, I supported the bill for two reasons: I was invested in making the bill infinitely better (something way worse would have passed were it not for my collaborative efforts).
Also, once the bill was modified I voted yes because it was representative of the wishes of the vast majority of the folks in my district. I got hundreds emails and phone calls urging me to vote “yes” and hardly any asking me to resist. So, in the end, I voted my district after crafting a bill that was far and away safer and more reasonable than what would have passed with out my offer of bipartisanship.

NOTE: Rep. Ourth’s comment referring to background checks at private gun sales is in reference to Iowa’s Permit to Acquire system. An initial version of HF517 did away with the Permit to Acquire system all together. The House ultimately decided to keep the Permit to Acquire but lengthen it from one to five years. This Permit to Acquire extension is the only change to private gun sales in HF517.

Bleeding Heartland also posted a statement from Representative (D) Bruce Bearinger about why he chose to vote yes on the bill:

I worked with representative Ourth on the amendment to insure that parents had to be in proximity to the child to provide safety training to their child. In addition, they removed parts of the bill relating to college campuses, open carry, and permitting. I had some concerns with the final bill, but overall, it was consistent with the correspondence I had with many of my constituents. I rely on our democratic caucus analysis of legislation and have always found it to be valuable, but ultimately I rely on my own values and the extensive work I do to stay in tune with the desires and beliefs of my constituents in my rural district.

Time for Thanks

Below is the list of who voted in favor of HF517 when it passed out of the Iowa House of Representatives on March 7th. These 58 Representatives deserve your thanks for voting to protect and enhance the Second Amendment rights of all Iowans.

It’s important that you take a moment to thank these legislators. Our side does an outstanding job of letting them know what we want (“pass this bill” -OR- “vote YES on HF517”), but it’s just as important that they are applauded for listening to us. We’ve posted the email addresses of everyone who voted YES on the bill at the bottom of this page. Please take a minute or two and send them a quick note of thanks.

HF517 is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s been assigned to a subcommittee consisting of Senators Dan Dawson, Janet Peterson and Brad Zaun. As always the Iowa Firearms Coalition will be keeping you up-to-date whenever there’s activity related to pro-gun owner legislation.

Defenders of HF517

During the course of the House debate over HF517 several Representatives gave speeches in support of the bill. It’s important to note that this is not required, all a Representative has to do is vote yes or no, but the following Representatives went out of their way to try to convince their colleagues to vote Yes on HF517. They deserve to be recognized for their willingness to take a stand for pro-gun owner legislation.

  • Rep. Shannon Lundgren of Dubuque County –
  • Rep. Jake Highfill of Polk County –
  • Rep. Skyler Wheeler of Sioux County –
  • Rep. Steven Holt of Crawford County –
  • Rep. Terry Baxter of Hancock County –
  • Rep. Matt Windschitl of Harrison County –
    • Rep. Windschitl deserves extra thanks for not only floor managing HF517, he stood for the entire 4+ hour House debate, addressing bogus claims and correcting misleading statements being made by anti-gun owner Representatives.

Also of note, Senators Brad Zaun and Dan Dawson were in and out all afternoon observing the House debate on HF517. Senator Dawson is floor managing the bill over in the Senate. He stayed and watched the entire four-hour debate in the House in preparation for discussion and debate in the Senate. This is very encouraging!

Who Voted Yes on HF517

Send a thank you note to these Iowa Representatives!

EMAIL ADDRESSES OF HF517 YES VOTES:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Frank Sladek says:

    THANK YOU for supporting what is commonly called the “Gun Bill;”

    I’m a volunteer for the Iowa Firearms Coalition and on March 17, I’ll be working the
    table at the Hawkeye Downs gun show in Cedar Rapids.

    I intend to list everybody who respects our rights here in the USA and reflected those
    beliefs in their vote in Des Moines. We talk to a lot of people and are pleased to add YOU
    to our list.


    all HIS best…Frank Sladek

    “The road of life is paved with flattened squirrels, who couldn’t make a decision!” ~ Anon

    “God did not give us a spirit of fear [or confusion or timidity; of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear], but [GOD gave] a spirit
    [via the HOLY SPIRIT] of [the God-kind of compassionate] love, and a sound [well balanced in wisdom, knowledge, self-discipline, self-control and emotion in collaboration with the body] mind.” — 2 Timothy 1:7 [words in brackets by me]

    Frank Sladek, BSE, MA, MFA, MTD.
    Adjunct Professor of Communication, Education, Film, Speech, Theatre & TV
    @Kirkwood Community College
    Kirkwood Keynotes Toastmasters: Ex-officio President
    National Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award for work with disadvantaged & minority youth. (One of only two awarded in Iowa’s History.)
    Rotary 2012: Governor’s Award for Volunteerism
    Convention of States District 68 Captain

  2. RICK BRICHTA says:

    Thank you for supporting HF517!

  3. James Amlong says:

    Thank you for your efforts in getting HF517 passed. This is a great step towards the people of Iowa being able to protect themselves.

  4. Charles Van Laarhoven says:

    Thanks to those that voted to restore some of the 2nd Amendment Rights that have been lost. My Iowa Representative is Cindy Winckler and she is totally non-responsive when it comes to gunfights. And all other issues as well. She ran unopposed in the last election and I’m looking forward to the midterms in 2018 and hope the Republicans can put up a viable candidate to oppose her. She is part of the problem in Iowa.

  5. Roger McGinley says:

    I just want to say, “thank you to every Representative who supported HF 517”.
    Roger McGinley

  6. Matt rowell says:

    Thank you for supporting HF517!

  7. Mr. Wally Doe says:

    Thanks to our elected legislatures for passing HF517 keeping Iowans safe!

  8. I really think some of you people love your guns more than your government, your children , your spouse not to mrntion the rest of us on the planet.

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