School Grounds Carry Bill Scheduled for Committee Vote!

School Grounds Carry Bill
Scheduled for Committee Vote!

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote on Senate Study Bill 1017, the School Grounds Carry Bill, tomorrow (1/23/19) at approximately 3PM.

Under current Iowa law parents with a valid Permit to Carry who carry while picking up or dropping off their children at Iowa schools are committing a Class D felony.

SSB1017 would decriminalize the act of carrying while taking your son or daughter to school. Please contact the members of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass SSB1017 as soon as possible.

Make sure these elected officials understand that:

Iowa’s Permit to Carry holders are peaceful, lawful citizens who’ve passed background checks and want nothing more than to be able to protect their most valuable assets — our children! There’s no reason we should risk felony charges for protecting our families!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition will email you the results of tomorrow’s Senate Judiciary vote. In the meantime, please make your voice heard!


Senate Judiciary Committee Members & Contact Info,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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  1. George Mickley says:

    I just tried to send an email to Brad Zane at the address provided in Senate records. It came back undeliverable! I double checked the address!!

  2. Richard Rogers says:

    Mr. Mickley:

    The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is Senator Brad Zaun (not “Zane”). His legislative email address of should be valid. Please double check your spelling and try again.

    Thanks for your interest in helping move this important bill forward!

  3. Daryl Sanders says:

    Pass SSB1017

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