Iowa Gun-Control Bills Have A Windschitl Problem

It’s no secret that after some hard work in the 2018 Midterms, Iowans retained a pro-Second Amendment majority in the Iowa Legislature. Today we see why that is so important. IFC confirmed with Iowa House Representative and Second Amendment champion, Matt Windschitl that the storm of gun-control bills proposed since the open of the session is as good as gone.

The anti-gun bills are toast because all of these bills have been given subcommittee assignments with Pro-2A legislators Matt Windschitl and Jarad Klein. Both of these legislators have a consistent record and unquestioned reputation for advocating on behalf of gun owners in Iowa.

Representative Matt Windschitl (R)

Statement from Rep. Windschitl: “Today the House Public Safety Committee assigned all of the gun-control bills to me, so you can be assured that these bills will not be moving forward because I don’t do gun control unless it means the government has none and the law-abiding citizen has full control.”


Representative Windschitl also informed us that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment would be moving forward shortly. This update is excellent news on both fronts. Usually, we would have to wait until the legislative funnel to confirm that anti-gun bills will not advance. We are fortunate to have the gun-control legislation assigned to two NRA and IFC endorsed representatives. Here is a list of the legislation that is no longer being considered in Iowa:

  • Universal Background Checks HF 92
  • May Issue HF 115
  • Stolen Gun Penalty HF 116
  • Firearm Violence Protective Orders HF 123
  • Magazine Ban HF 124
  • Semi-Auto Weapon Ban HF 125
  • Universal Background Checks HF 127
  • Bump Stock Ban HF 126
  • Firearm Transfer Restrictions HF 127


The latest elections have brought legitimate legislation concerns to gun owners in several states where anti-gun legislators gained the majority. Our neighbors in Illinois and Minnesota have their rights in severe jeopardy and a handful of other states are debating terrible measures like the ones we won’t be wasting our time with in the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition is proud to stand by Rep.Windschitl and Rep. Klein as they eliminate these terrible  gun-control bills from consideration.

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Our readers said:

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  1. Joshua Garringer says:

    This a solid win for us in Iowa! I am so excited and relieved that these ridiculous bills are dead in the water! We need to continue to fight against these attacks on our liberties! Thank you mr. Windschitl and mr. Klein

  2. John Severs says:

    Thanks to both these fine gentlemen for their leadership!

  3. Lon says:

    Dear Mr. Windschitl,
    It’s seems you like a good challenge. Any chance you could move to Illinois and make it a free state again?

  4. Scott Rath says:

    The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.
    It’s good to know there are many great fellow Iowans doing that vigilance.
    We need more because the other side believes in eternal erosion of the liberties we prize and the rights we fight to maintain.

  5. SL Taylor says:

    Good luck with Windschitl – he is not to be believed. He says he will respond but he doesn’t. Never believe him or vote for him. And I am pro-gun and pro-life.

    • IFCAdmin says:

      You are also misled. Windschitl has been a consistent 2A champion.

    • AAron says:

      I am from Clinton, and I have called and left a message on Matts phone. I was called back by him personally, and he took time explaining a situation, and I’m not even from his area. I dont know what your malfunction was, but he is good to go.

  6. Jack Hoover says:


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