Cookies, Postcards, & a Gun Free Society

Des Moines has been ripe with anti-gun sentiment lately after the City Council has floated the ideas of implementing gun-control that is clearly reckless and a violation of Iowa Code 724.28. Today, the Des Moines Police Department followed up with what was nothing short of a clear political endorsement for a highly partisan and extreme political organization that seeks to dissolve the right to keep and bear arms in every state. This organization is extremely well funded and the recipient of a large logo endorsement, seen here:

This kind of screaming endorsement from those public officials on taxpayer time was only missing a membership link. The clear inclusion of a logo and an appreciative message is all but certainly from a Des Moines Police employee who is either affiliated with the organization or completely ok with using taxpayer time to push his or her own political agenda.

“Stand up for a gun-free society”

The organization of kind moms who like to make postcards has scored some political victories. One of the most celebrated MDA wins was in Georgia, with Rep. Lucy McBath who won a swing district in Georgia as a MDA candidate who campaigned on “common-sense” gun control topics like background checks. After winning a hard-fought election, and in the company of fellow Moms Demand activists, she was a little more comfortable revealing the real agenda this month:

What was that vision? A gun free society. An organization this strong has no intention of stopping at background checks. They will always manipulate data, sell fear, and work to push their extreme agenda. 

The candidate above also made waves this week taunting a constituent who was concerned about SB107, legislation that penalizes lawful gun owners with a fine.

“I’m not taking your gun away from you,” the lawmaker told her constituent on June 11. “You just can’t buy any new ones.”

“Unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them,” the questioner replied. “So, if I get to keep it if I pay a fine and register it, then how dangerous is it in the first place and why do I need to pay it at all? Why do you need to try and ban my semi-automatic weapon?”

“Well, you just maybe changed my mind,” Ms. Morrison said. “Maybe we won’t have a fine at all. Maybe it’ll just be confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.”

This organization is not an acceptable partner for offices of places like the Des Moines Police Department. The Des Moines Police Chief’s office can be reached at (515)-283-4800 with concerns over department messaging and political endorsements.

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  1. Randy Crawford says:

    The right to “keep and bear arms” is a civil right that is protected by the Second Amendment. There are other rights protected by other amendments. So, if it’s OK for states or cities to cut into the right to keep and bear arms, then it’s OK to censor news stories that this or that government agency or individual wants to have censored (First Amendment). It’s OK to prevent women from voting (19th Amendment), and it’s OK for states or cities to bring back slavery (13th Amendment). The morons who want to step on other people’s rights need to be aware they are setting the stage for a taste of their own medicine.

  2. Cody Hensyel says:

    Simply put we as citizens have a right and a duty to not follow unjust and blatently unconstitutional Laws, the second amendment was put in place exactly for the reasons above and those that would work to undermine our core values that’s exactly why we need to 2nd now more than ever. Never lose hope and always hang on to your values even if some over paid politician says your values are illegal overnight….

  3. francis says:

    to LindaW, CColeman, fcownie, billgray, joegatto, joshmandelbaum, connieboesen

    I am writing to give you some information, which you may not be aware of.

    1. Bump stocks and other mechanical devices are prohibited under federal law, making your ordinance mute.

    2. Because other government agencies have chosen to disregard the constitution does not give you permission to follow suit.

    3. Mechanical trigger devices are not effective for any practical use. They are only useful for range purposes, even criminals do not use them. You are taking a one time use by a deranged individual to make an unenforceable law that will be meaningless.

    I assume you are attempting to limit firearm magazine capacity as an accessory. Magazines are not accessories, they are an essential part of all semi automatic firearms. Magazine capacity has no effect on the speed or number of rounds that can be fired from any given firearm. Assuming none of you are firearm savvy, a man, Jerry Miculek, holds the world record for timed fire. 12 rounds in under 2 seconds, with a revolver, and can do it accurately. Do we ban revolvers also.

    You are becoming a part of a culture that is trying to solve a problem with simple ineffective, useless, unenforceable, unconstitutional prohibitions. No place that has banned any type of firearm, gun free zones, etc. has reduced firearm violence. You should be putting your efforts into more meaningful solutions that go to the root cause of societal violence.

    These ordinances will also be a violation of state preemption laws.

    The UK and Australia who instituted gun bans have not solved their violence problems. They still have gun violence and now knife violence. Guns are not the problem, it is the human condition.

    Remember. 250 years ago the British banned the colonies from having firearms, and we know what that led to.

    I strongly urge you to reconsider your ordinances to ban or limit firearms.

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