Second Amendment Volunteerism has a Face!

IFC has a group of dedicated patriots that offer their time continually, weekend after weekend, for the benefit of others.  Our gun show director, Theresa, sent a note over with a picture of Samantha C. and Shawn C. in the background, as Samantha signed up her first IFC Life Member at a recent Iowa Firearms Coalition gun show booth.

When people give their time and passion for the cause, it becomes a delight to see their smiles.  We know Samantha and Shawn represent IFC in an ethical and professional manner and you can feel both that recognition and strong moral fiber come through when they speak about the vital work IFC does to protect and advance Second Amendment virtues in the state of Iowa.

Thank you Samantha, Shawn, and the countless volunteers for IFC!

IFC is always seeking to add volunteers to our group.  If you’d like to join with a membership, go here.  If you’d like to volunteer, go here.

Thank you all!

-Michael Ware – IFC Chairman

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