• Iowa Schools Face Walkouts and Extreme Propaganda Promoting Gun-Control

    High school students around the country are gathering in protest right now to promote gun control on the nineteenth anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School. No protest in Iowa is more alarming than the political propaganda being passed off as Journalism at City High in Iowa City. 
    While the curriculum taught likely doesn’t cover this weeks anniversary of the shot heard around the world when the British attempted to seize arms from Massachusetts Patriots, it will include creating and distributing gun-control propaganda in at least one public school in Iowa. 

    Consistently anti-gun messaging from Hollywood, the media, social media bubbles, political opportunists and more are now being further indoctrinated into our children’s education at public schools in Iowa. 

    We’ve heard from many concerned parents and teachers this week in Urbandale, Des Moines, and others. However, none were as alarming (or angry!) as our community member from Iowa City sharing a twisted publication from the local high school. City High School in Iowa City has now directed students to create a bizarre and incredibly radical look at gun control that includes projecting targets on a black student and linking gun violence to “toxic masculinity.” 

    The article states its goal from Page 1: 
    “Inaction on this issue should be as damning as the most pro-gun position because silence is complicity.”

    Not only has the staff at City High School painfully isolated students and faculty who do value their freedoms in the Bill of Rights, but they are using our public resources to create a document so extreme that it makes MSNBC look Second-Amendment friendly.

    The City High School indoctrination starts with a plea from the students demanding action for gun-control control, stating that yelling at Senator Grassley isn’t enough and cites the terror and pain felt as students as the reason to entirely bypass objectivity. 

    The propaganda piece then turns to a bizarre and confusing “Letter to a Young Black Boy” that is illustrated by a target being projected on a black student.


    The tabloid then moves on to people sharing positive experiences at gun control marches and dives into stating its case for an all-out assault weapons ban. Japan, Canada, and India are cited as countries where the gun laws work in a heavily flawed and emotional piece that even takes jabs at Republicans for their response to the efforts of the gun control advocates from Marjory Stoneman High School. 

    The school paper then gets into an even more radical presentation of “The Australian Solution” where the case for Aussie style “buybacks” and elimination of the Second Amendment are presented to save “hundreds of thousands of lives.”
    Next, we go off the deep end with a piece tying guns and “toxic masculinity” to gun violence. “Masculine culture is also deeply rooted in the idea of guns and gun ownership”  which makes sense to this author because “There has to be a way our society can create a safer way for boys to understand they don’t have to turn to violence and murder to validate their own masculinity.” 

    Again, this is what kids are doing in PUBLIC schools in IOWA. 

    The tabloid finishes with a final assault on the arch-enemy of gun control, the National Rifle Association. A stab at politicians taking money from the NRA (but not Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Giffords Law Center, or others) and yet another ignorant case that the NRA is the only obstacle to repealing your fundamental and individual rights…

    The Little Hawk managed to blame gun owners, the NRA, pro-gun politicians, patriarchy, masculinity, and everyone else except the shooters…

    We want to encourage our members to stand up against this abuse of young minds with their hate-mongering publication. If you value your Second Amendment rights, you can no longer sit idle, because it cannot get any clearer that there are no lows to which the ‘March for Our Lives’ faction will not stoop. 
    If you are in the City High area, let the Principal of City High, John Bacon know how you feel about allowing his staff to drive this pathetic propaganda out of a student newspaper. He can be reached at 319-688-1040 or bacon-john@iccsd.k12.ia.us

    This embarrassment is what is going on in Iowa public schools at the same time IFC is fighting for a Freedom Amendment to keep Iowans protected from attacks on our fundamental liberties. If you think we don’t need our rights protected by our constitution, review this magazine produced in the public school echo chamber, and think again!

    Talk to your kids – Ask them if they understand what these walkouts are geared towards. Explain to them what the goals of their organizers are and what this would do to our liberties. Encourage them to think about their friends and family members who are gun owners and how different these people are from the mass murderers continually propped up and elevated by the media. Ask them, “Why should we be punished and be forced to give up our freedoms because of the deranged act of a lunatic?” Inform them it’s wrong for teachers and school staff to advocate for one side or another. Schools, particularly public schools are supposed to be places of critical learning, not indoctrination centers for the progressive ideologues. 

    This is the environment we are working in. 

    • Please talk to your children. 
    • Please challenge your local schools to not go down the path of City High in Iowa City.
    • Please consider supporting our PAC and our Coalition.

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  • National Gun Control Leader Donating to Iowa Senate Candidate’s Campaign

    A few days ago we alerted you to the gun control lobby’s scheme to place their Iowa chapter leader, Amber Gustafson, into the Iowa legislature. That’s despite her complete failure to understand Iowa’s firearms law. (If you missed this, you can get caught up on the details HERE).

    The response to that message has been remarkable. And since then we’ve also been alerted to another interesting bit of information…

    If you’re not familiar, Shannon Watts is the national head of the gun control group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. As you can see from Amber Gustafson’s campaign reports Watts has made a couple of sizable donations to Gustafson.

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    Even more interesting – Shannon Watts has not donated to any other candidate in Iowa. Only Amber Gustafson.

    So when we say the gun control lobby is backing Amber’s run for office, we do mean it. That said, we need your help making sure Amber stays out of office. If she’s elected, you can bet she’ll be pushing every single Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, or Giffords Law Center gun control initiative, all in the name of “common sense gun safety.”

    Shannon Watt’s donated $500 for Amber Gustafson, can we get Iowa’s firearms community to match, or exceed that figure?

    Donations to the IFC’s Political Action Committee go 100% towards putting solid, pro-freedom candidates in office and keeping anti-gunners like Amber Gustafson out of the Iowa legislature. Even better yet, we’ve got a winning track record:

    -Mike Gronstal
    -Steve Sodders

    Remember when (Ret) Sen. Steve Sodders (middle) routinely stonewalled our pro-gun legislation? Imagine if Amber Gustafson was elected and put in power. That’s why we need you to help us make sure she never sees the Senate floor.
    Please donate today and help us continue what we’ve started in Des Moines.

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  • We Just Caught A Gun-Control Leader In Iowa Spreading Lies

    The gun-control lobby has shined their spotlight on their chosen candidate in Iowa – Amber Gustafson, the leader of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action in Iowa. Ms. Gustafson lives in the Ankeny area and is running for Iowa Senate, trying to unseat Majority Leader Jack Whitver.

    As the leader of the gun-control lobby in Iowa, you might think Amber would know a few things about Iowa’s gun laws, but we recently learned that in Amber’s case that’s just not true. It became obvious when Amber saw a headline that crime was rising in three Iowa cities and she took to Twitter to attempt to blame the gun lobby (i.e., IFC) for this trend.

    We responded, and that set off a very revealing chain of events…

    Apparently, Amber didn’t like being called out, which lead her went back to Twitter for long rant full of misrepresentations and showing her outright ignorance of Iowa’s firearms laws, specifically Chapter 724 of the state legal code where the majority of Iowa’s weapons laws reside.

    Considering she’s the former head of the gun control lobby in Iowa, who thinks she’d be a good fit to be someone who makes laws in Iowa, we were compelled to point out Amber’s flat-out failure to understand Iowa’s gun laws:

    We’re sharing this because it’s indicative of what’s at stake, and what’s taking place right now. The gun control lobby in Iowa is trying to force their way into the Iowa legislature. This Twitter tirade is just one example of what lies ahead if we, collectively, fail to act.

    If we want to keep misguided gun grabbers from putting their leaders into positions of power we need you. The Iowa Firearms Coalition can lobby, we can provide you with alerts and emails, and we can work with legislators to pass pro-gun owner legislation, but the truth is our real power rests with you and the thousands of other Iowans like you who are reading this email.

    If we are going keep gun control advocates like Amber Gustafson from being able to write firearms law in Iowa, we need you to mobilize. As move into campaign season IFC has critical for needs the following:

    Right now gun-grabbers across the country are riding high, fueled by sympathetic media coverage.

    The gun control lobby is going all in on this election cycle with candidates like Amber Gustafson, and they’re already seeing returns on their increased pressure. States like Oregon and Illinois are adding even more anti-freedom laws to their books. Meanwhile, traditionally pro-Second Amendment states like Florida and Vermont, the home of Constitutional Carry, have added their new gun control laws.

    If you think we’re immune to this in Iowa, you’re wrong.

    The only way we keep this from coming to our state is to put our people in motion. That means you. That means working to make sure we keep pro-Second Amendment majorities Des Moines. We’ve got a plan in place, but what we need are people who are willing to work. People who truly value their freedom. People who recognize that defending the Second Amendment requires more than voting.

    There’s no shortage of things to be done and ways to help. The question is are you willing to step up and help shoulder the load?

    Thanks for your time and your efforts,

    Iowa Firearms Coalition

  • Here’s Who in the Iowa Senate Just Voted For & Against YOUR Right to Keep & Bear Arms

    The next step in the process is to do this again in the next General Assembly of the Iowa legislature. If we can pass it there, it goes to a vote of the people on a statewide ballot.

    We won’t make any bones about it, this is not an easy task. BUT, we think the Right to Keep and Bear Arms of the People of Iowa is worth the effort. Don’t you agree?

    In the meantime, here’s the list of who in the Iowa Senate thinks the State of Iowa should recognize the People of Iowa’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    If you appreciate this information and work that IFC is doing on your part, please become a member!

    Click the image for a high-resolution version of the list

  • It’s time to ACT! Sign our petition and talk to your legislator!

    We don’t ring the alarm often, but in case you haven’t noticed, the push for gun control is louder than ever. Progress on solid, pro-Second Amendment bills has seemingly ground to a halt in the Iowa legislature. Bills that would recognize your rights in the Iowa Constitution, school parking lots, and in Iowa Courthouses haven’t moved in weeks.

    So far lawmakers have withstood calls for more gun control in Iowa, but they need to be reminded of who put them in office.They have shifted to responding those who are demanding gun control by considering new ideas that have been championed by gun control advocates at the Giffords Law Center. They are responding to the energized minority who have been screaming at the top of their lungs to oppose your freedom.

    The forums and meetings hosted by our legislators for the last few weeks have erupted with calls for assault rifle bans and other forms of gun control. As an example, the Scott County forum was one question after another calling for gun control:

    “How many people have to die to get weapons capable of mowing down tons of people are banned,?” she asked state legislatures.

    But she wasn’t the only one, a frustrated mother, expressed how scared she was as well. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is take my 15-year-old kid to central high school the day that 17 people died in Parkland Florida, so I’m mad about that,” she said.

    Lawmakers were also seen getting emotional on the topic. “No matter if you’re a democrat or republican we have got to come together, and decide that those babies are the most important things to us,” said Democratic State Representative, Phyllis Thede.  

    This is the conversation happening at the forums in our state. Nobody was there to demand that good gun bills get advanced.  The calls for gun control are what the elected officials are hearing. This is why our bills are halted. This is why we need YOU.

    Now is the time for gun owners to make our voices heard.

    We’re asking you first to sign this petition that states our expectations of the legislature. We will present this to the leaders in both the House and Senate next week to push our three remaining good gun bills forward.

    Recognize Our Second Amendment Rights and REJECT Gun Control

    Next, we are asking all of you engage your legislator this weekend. Either at a forum or by a phone call.

    A list of forums can be found here:

    You can learn how to find and contact your legislator here:

    Simply put, we are getting trounced at the grassroots level activism that matters right now. Emotional calls for gun control are being echoed by the media, Hollywood, schools, and some in the business community who are all trying to alienate us.
    We can’t wait until it is too late to fight back. We can’t wait until our bills are dead and bad bills are being heard on the floor of the Capitol to take action. We need you to get out this weekend or get on the phone and demand that three good gun bills advance and your legislator resist the calls for gun control.

    Please let us know about your experience this weekend by emailing info@iowafc.org to share any pictures, video, or recaps of the event.

    Thank You!

  • Des Moines Teacher Caught Promoting Gun Control Walkout

    Des Moines Roosevelt teacher caught using school PA system to encourage students to walk out of school and support gun control.

    Earlier this week Michael Shaw, a Social Studies teacher at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, promoted a student walkout for gun control and encouraged teachers and students to contact their representatives about changing gun laws. He did so in a broadcast to the entire school at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines.

    Our friends at Caffeinated Thoughts initially broke this story. Roosevelt Principal Kevin Biggs confirmed Shaw used the school public address system to encourage the school’s students to walk out of school and contact their legislators about changing current firearms laws.

    Principal Biggs admitted the announcement was not appropriate. According to Biggs the offending teacher, Mr. Michael Shaw, has been talked to about his actions and the error of his ways has been pointed out. Biggs also emailed all teachers at Roosevelt High School stating: “As teachers, I ask that you keep your personal and political opinions to yourself at this time.”  He said. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late in the case of activist Social Studies teacher Michael Shaw.

    All teachers, but especially public school teachers, who are paid with our tax dollars, have no business using our schools as a platform for gun control or any other political cause. School boards and administrators must not stand for this. Imagine what the response would be if a staff member used the Des Moines Roosevelt PA system to encourage students to oppose gun control efforts? Or what if someone on the district payroll got on the PA telling students to write their legislators about how armed staff is the only way to stop mass shootings? Somehow we doubt the response to that kind of message would be limited to a “talking to” and an after-the-fact email to all staff…

    Make sure politics stay out of your kids’ classroom!

    Now is the time for you to reach out to your local school districts and make sure this isn’t happening where your kids get their education. Contact your local school district’s leaders (superintendents and school board members) and remind them that schools are supposed to be objective places of learning and our students should never be used as pawns used to advance personal or political agendas.

    If you’re not sure what to say, here are some relevant points you should be raising with your kids’ schools:

    • Students should be free to form their own opinions without being swayed by the personal opinions of teachers or staff members.
    • What is your district policy on staff advocating for personal or political issues?
    • When was the last time it was reviewed by staff?
    • When is the next time this policy will be brought up?
    • What are the repercussions for staff that cross the line and use their position of authority to steer student opinions?
    • What are you currently doing to make sure that your schools remain as objective places of learning and not political recruiting grounds? i.e., What are doing to make sure your school doesn’t end up like Des Moines Roosevelt where teachers use the school PA to push their personal agendas?

    When you contact your local school district superintendent and school board with these questions you’ll not only be asking legitimate, valid questions, you’ll also be reminding them to keep one-sided politics out of our education system.

    Contact Information for Des Moines Roosevelt Leadership:

    Roosevelt High School Principal Kevin Biggs:  kevin.biggs@dmschools.org

    Heather Anderson, District One School Board Member:


    Des Moines Superintendent Thomas Ahart:


    Teree Caldwell-Johnson, Chair of the DMPS Board:

    Cindy Elsbernd, Vice Chair:


  • First Legislative Funnel Cleared

    The first funnel is clear and here is an update to where we are at for the session.

    – HJR 13 RKBA Ammendment has cleared the Judiciary Committee of both chambers. This bill remains our TOP priority because it is the foundation of your freedom. HJR 13 and the Senate companion bill remain viable and will continue to advance.

    – Courthouse carry has cleared the House Judiciary Committee and is a direct response to the overreaching action of Chief Justice Cady. This is a check on judicial power that would define where Justice Cady’s order would apply and chip away at the restriction put in place last summer. This bill is waiting on the full House.

    – School parking lot carry, this is the bill that would allow a parent to remain armed when dropping off or picking up their child at school. This bill has cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and is ready to advance.

    -Permitless Carry, otherwise known as Constitutional Carry has been removed from the Senate agenda without comment. Permitless Carry remains a goal for IFC, but it was dropped under a cloud of tragedy from current events and with the understanding that its future had a very steep path to overcome.

    – May issue permits, Bump stock bans, semi-auto bans, carry restrictions, private transfer bans, and every other ridiculous gun control proposal made by over twenty members of our legislature have been officially defeated.

    Now is the time to make our voice heard and push these bills to the finish line.

    Stay tuned for the next push to get these bills heard.

  • Did you know that you already have enough rights?

    This is the answer provided to IFC President Kurt Liske when he attended the Scott County Legislative Forum on February 10th. We have been encouraging our members to get out to the forums and ask about gun rights. Here is an example of how to ask a well thought out question to your legislators about recognizing your right to keep and bear arms in the Iowa Constitution.

  • IFC Responds to Gun Control Leader’s Video On School Ground Carry

    Iowa Senate Candidate and Former Moms Demand Action leader Amber Gufstason recently made news with her video in front of her kids school criticizing SF-2086, the bill that would recognize the right of Iowans to pick up their kid from school with a weapon in the vehicle and not commit a felony. Watch this video, where we break down her arguments and offer some of our own. Please share this with our friends in Ankeny!


  • “MAY” Issue Weapons Permit Bill Introduced in Iowa House!


    HF-2145 was introduced by Art Staed, Timi Brown-Powers, and Mary Mascher to setback Iowa to “May” Issue weapons permits. The struggle to recognize weapons permits rights for Iowans was the first victory for the people at Iowa Firearms Coalition eight years ago. It was a bi-partisan victory that recognized the fundamental rights of hundreds of thousands of Iowans. Now, three out of touch members of the Iowa House are trying to go backward and leave the gun rights of Iowans up to the patch-work unequal standards of 99 different County Sheriffs. HF2145 gives discretion back to the Sheriffs, removes the requirement to reinstate a suspended permit to carry if the holder is cleared of charges, allows revocation pretty much at the Sheriffs’ whim and removes the awarding of court costs and attorney fees to the prevailing party in an appeal of a permit action. This bill is bad for Iowa and bad for gun owners.

    Will this bill see the floor? No, it will be dead on arrival. Gun rights are a winning issue in Iowa, and we are only moving forward this session.  However, this bill is a reminder why elections matter, why Janet Peterson and Mark Smith can’t be allowed to lead the legislature, and why we can’t let our guard down.

    This is why every vote counts. This is why we need to support IFC PAC and keep these ridiculous bills dead on arrival.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition is the ONLY firearms organization registered against this bill.