Iowa’s Freedom Amendment

Iowa is NO LONGER one of six states that do not recognize our precious Second Amendment rights in their constitutions. We’re no longer in the “I like to trample your civil rights” club consisting of California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Minnesota.  That all changed on November 8th, 2022 when 65% of Iowans voted overwhelmingly for freedom and liberty.  The Iowa elections were certified on December 1st, by the Iowa Secretary of State.

The Freedom Amendment is the culmination of over a decade of hard work.  NRA and IFC have been partnered in this monumental endeavor from day one.  We built the language together, worked through the tweaks together, and pushed this forward when others didn’t even bother to declare “for” or “against” on the resolutions for the Freedom Amendment as they passed through the Iowa General Assembly.  It may sound odd, but lots of people show up to celebrate and take credit when there is a win.  Too few actually roll up their sleeves and work the issue day and night on behalf of others.  We’re proud to partner with NRA among many others.

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Each Wednesday at 6pm, IFC Chair John McLaughlin introduces us to important figures in the Second Amendment community.  These videos originally air on the Iowa Firearms Coalition Facebook page, and also are archived on the IFC YouTube Channel.  Past guests include Lt. Col David Grossman, Sutherland Springs, Texas Hero Stephen Willeford and Garland, Texas Police Officer Greg Steves who took out two ISIS terrorists with his Glock handgun.  Help us spread the word by liking and sharing these videos on social media. If you know someone who should be featured on Warrior Wednesday, drop John a note at