Both Versions of the Omnibus Pro-Gun Owner Bill Pass the First Funnel!

Legalize Suppressors in Iowa

39 other states already allow their residents own these firearm accessories. Now thousands of Iowans are fighting to legalize these useful hearing protection devices.

IFC Member’s Hard Work Pays Off!

House Study Bill 201 and it’s companion bill Senate Study Bill 1251 have BOTH survived the first funnel.

SSB1251 passed as written by a 10-3 margin in the Senate Judiciary Committee March 5th. HSB201 passed 19-2 out of the House Judiciary Committee March 4th.

Both bills passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support despite an aggressive campaign by anti-gunners to strip the bills of several key provisions and strip Iowa’s firearms community from our right to privacy and our right to raise their children as we see fit.

Lobbyists working on behalf of Iowa’s mass media outlets attempted to remove a portion of SSB1251 that would protect gun owner privacy. If signed into law the omnibus pro-gun owner bill blocks the State of Iowa from releasing any information that could be used to identify any individual who holds a Permit to Carry or Permit to Acquire in the State of Iowa.

SSB1251 also came under attack from a contingent of gun control pushers who sought to block a portion of the bill that would repeal the ban on supervised youth handgun shooting. In a show of true grassroots support Iowa Firearms Coalition members responded en masse and on extremely short notice to remind legislators this ban is an affront to family traditions shared by hundreds of thousands of Iowans statewide.

There’s Still Work To Be Done

The omnibus pro-gun owner bill has cleared a major hurdle, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. Each bill will now be scheduled for debate and a vote in the full Senate and House. We’ll make absolutely sure that you know when that will be happening. We’ll need another show of force to advance each of these bills.

We’ve created a simple How a Bill Becomes a Law in Iowa page to help you better understand the legislative process. Right now both HSB201 and SSB1251 have cleared steps one through ten.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition has literally worked side by side with the National Rifle Association to craft this bill. If it passes Iowan’s will see their right own a suppressor restored, and several other freedoms protected. This bill quite literally protects and enhances Iowans Second Amendment rights.

A Word of Warning

Things will get more difficult. There will be more attacks on the omnibus gun bill. Anti-gunners and others will do anything they can to alter this bill and keep it from passing. We simply CANNOT let that happen. Everything in this bill is capable of passing. There’s a slight wording discrepancy between the House version and the Senate version. Outside of an amendment to make these bill’s wording exactly the same there’s no reason to alter this bill. Adding or removing anything other than slight wording changes will kill this bill, and keep it from passage. Beware of anyone attempting to change the core functions of the omnibus bill.

We’ve made an incredible amount of progress Iowa. Stay the course and see this through!

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