Member’s Field Report

The Member’s Field Report was submitted by a long-time IFC Volunteer.  Enjoy!


Children enjoy playing Hide and Seek. As they make their way to Home, the Hiders do their best to not be discovered by the Seeker who would then Tap them OUT. Once they are seen, the kids run as fast as they can to reach Home and then yell out “OLLIE-OLLIE-OXEN-FREE”! It is a “Catch as Catch Can” game. You either Win or Lose, it is pure competition at its best. The lessons learned are valuable.

In our State Capitol, our legislators play the same game. It is easy for those of us around the State to become frustrated by the whole process, and we throw up our hands in despair.

Well, wait a Minute! Iowa has 99 Counties; each one is unique unto itself, and each one represented in the Legislature. I recently had the opportunity to visit one of those Counties and found “OLLIE-OLLIE-OXEN-FREE” in the hundreds!

In Franklin County, in the town of Hampton, Iowans who value Our Republic held a Republican Fundraising Rally featuring several Top Line speakers. The flyer introduces Sheriff Mark Lamb from Pinal County Arizona.

In addition, we heard from Iowa’s Attorney General Brenna Bird and from State Representative Shannon Latham.

Sheriff Lamb told us that our Nation IS facing serious problems. He described the illegal border crossing situation in down-to-earth terms. The illegals pass right on through Arizona on their way to Iowa and other States. We have seen them moving North as we drive to Arizona! The Sheriff made his point clear that we are ALL Border States now!

He discussed the assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. The Sheriff showed us that our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic…we are Not a Democracy! As he spoke about “The Rain” coming down on us, he advised us to Not throw up our hands in Despair! “The Rain” encourages us to do something, to Engage in the battle for our Country. He invoked George Washington several times as a Fighter in “The Rain”!

Sheriff Lamb has Firsthand Experience with these issues facing our Nation. The man knows what he is talking about! It was an informative and interesting program. He noted that our 2nd Amendment Rights are Fundamental to the Nation! He encouraged us to Get Involved!

Iowa’s Attorney General, Brenna Bird, spoke about the challenges we are facing.  She made it clear that “President” Joe Biden never fails to give her an opportunity to sue his administration, which she Gladly looks forward to every day!  The attack on the 2nd Amendment was a Big Constitutional Issue for her. She had to return to Des Moines that evening to deal with yet another lawsuit against the Biden Administration!


Agriculture and the Iowans engaged in it are an important part of regaining control of our Nation! The State Representative from North Iowa, District 55, Shannon Latham spoke about the challenges that Farming Communities faced, especially Eminent Domain issues and underground pipelines. She is deeply involved in the Legislative process and The Game of Hide and Seek. She was confident that the Citizens of Iowa would be able to declare “OLLIE-OLLIE-OXEN-FREE” at the end of this session.

We were Greeted warmly after the 90-minute drive North to Hampton Iowa. SURPRISE! There were over two hundred conservative Iowans who value our Constitution and Bill of Rights! The meeting began with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Honor Guard Detail presenting the Flags followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

Our Fellow Iowans were positive and determined to step forward and take back control of our Nation. We came away from this Rally looking forward to better times!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) is major factor in the State Legislative process. Our lobbyist is Richard Rogers, who is known as one of the very best lobbyists in the State. He understands the game of Hide and Seek!

The IFC is working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, even as the ATF is now trying to make each of us a Law Breaker. The IFC can Loudly call out “OLLIE-OLLIE-OXEN-FREE”, as they were involved in making our schools safer places through Teacher Firearms Training.

If we follow Sheriff Lamb’s advice…we will step forward and renew our memberships in the IFC. Write our Senator and Representative. Attend a Rally. Pass on the word that “The Rain” encourages Patriots to take action to protect our Homes and Nation. He finished with this thought…. “If You don’t Fight, you won’t Win”. Fight to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights!

I mentioned earlier that Iowa has 99 counties. Every County has a group like those in Franklin County. The IFC supports these Pro-2nd Amendment groups. Every one of these conservative groups is working to protect our Nation so that they can declare – “OLLIE-OLLIE-OXEN-FREE” – and come Home to Our Republic!