HyVee Denies Gun Control Demands

Hyvee’s corporate office has made it crystal clear, they won’t be banning guns in their chain of grocery stores.


MAJOR kudos IFC members!!!

We’ve stopped the latest infringement scheme pushed by Everytown for Gun Safety, Mom’s Demand Action, and the rest of the out of touch Bloomberg cronies! They attempted to badger HyVee grocery stores into banning the lawful carry of firearms in their stores but HyVee has now made their company wide position crystal clear!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition was the first to sniff out Everytown’s latest gun ban scheme last month. We immediately alerted our members urging you contact your HyVee stores and tell them to stand tall against the anti-gunner’s demands. You in turn did an absolutely outstanding job of respectfully reminding them that despite what the gun control zealots claim we are not the problem. Criminals, madmen, and radicals are the real threat to HyVee shopper’s safety and disarming law-abiding citizens merely turns us all into potential victims.

Our grassroots outreach campaign proved that the gun control zealots slick-looking misinformation campaigns (funded by the out of touch billionaire Michael Bloomberg) don’t resonate here in Iowa. We salute the decision makers at HyVee who took the time to look past the Everytown/Moms/Bloomberg demands and examine the facts. Thanks also to YOU, our members who took the time to reach out and correspond with the HyVee officials. Your efforts have led to numerous emails like this one:

Hello IFC Member,

The email correspondence below was forwarded to me for clarification.

Your right to carry a legal weapon in our stores will not be infringed upon, and we have no plans to adopt any blanket policies with respect to signs or other communication with customers.

Whether it’s guns or the price of green beans, we let store directors handle any inquiries or concerns from customers who might be uncomfortable with seeing another customer with a gun.

If you need any other information, feel free to contact me.

Larry Ballard

Hy-Vee Communications


It’s always a good idea to acknowledge the good work of others, especially when they stand up to the anti-freedom demands of gun control zealots. So please take a moment to send the folks at HyVee a quick note of appreciation and say thanks to the store managers the next time you are at your local HyVee.

While we’re at it, we need to express our extreme gratitude to the Iowa Firearms Coalition membership. Without your willingness to step up and help, and without your steadfast support of our Second Amendment freedoms billionaires and out-of-state carpetbaggers would walk all over the people of Iowa.

If you’re not a part of the Iowa Firearms Coalition please become a member today. No one does more to protect and serve our Second Amendment rights here in Iowa. If you truly value your right to keep and bear arms, join the thousands who already stand with us.



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