You can’t surf the web, social media, or tv channels without seeing the news of yet again another preventable mass shooting. Like clockwork the self proclaimed leaders of the world are promising to impose restrictions that only affect those of us who follow the current laws. Meanwhile, they are tucked away in ivory towers secured by the very men and women they wish to disarm. I know this all to well, because I am one of those people who frequently provides security to them. I do it because I truly believe everyone has the right to speak freely, protest peacefully, and feel secured in their day to day life. Obviously they’re well aware of the hypocrisy, they’re just playing the for profit game of politics. 

I’m going to be candid; I believe red flag laws are the line in the sand for a lot of people. On one hand I understand a large majority of our government and country want them. On the other, there are those who believe this absolutely is the hill to die on. Then there are always those who just go along with the majority often out of ignorance. Either way, imposing red flag laws to put it bluntly will result in casualties on all ends. 

There aren’t many issues that I stress over, but if I were to feel uneasy about something it would be red flag laws. As I stated above, I think it’s a line in the sand, not that I have a line, but it is something that will push people to a breaking point as well as force them to take a side in the true fight for freedom.

What we know;
• They violate due process (4th Amendment)
• They will absolutely be used out of spite by anyone who knows you have weapons and suddenly decides you shouldn’t have them. They can make a phone call, without evidence, and have you arrested, your rights stripped making you guilty until proven innocent.
• We’ve seen many times where Peace Officers leave their jobs due to being given an unlawful order, I imagine “blue flu” will be even more common in this case.
• Veterans or anyone with post traumatic stress will be targeted.
• Veterans/First Responders already don’t seek treatment for mental health out of fear of repercussion, this will only make it worse.
• It is going to be deadly for anyone enforcing them or on the receiving end.
• Above all it’s a violation of freedom.

I am a Veteran, and a first responder who unfortunately is put into situations that have been and will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life, that is a burden I’m willing to take on so someone else doesn’t have to. If red flag laws were to be imposed, I am now a target for them because of the things I was put through. I just trained a SWAT team to breach buildings, am I to believe they would use those same tactics against me? I don’t believe it, because those folks are the same caliber of people as myself.

I know Veterans currently who don’t attend AA meetings, don’t claim PTSD at the VA, don’t attend support groups because they are afraid of being red flagged. With that the possibility of having their insurance rates increased, and afraid their civil rights may be precluded. What incentive do folks have to work on or improve their disposition if we punish them for it? That is right now even without red flag laws, just imagine if we did have them, suicide rates would increase drastically.

It would take one heated debate, one online comment taken out of context, a breakup, or an angry neighbor making a phone call to local law enforcement to have someone embarrassed, violated, rights stripped, or worse. That is the danger of red flag laws, and it would affect anyone regardless of political affiliation. It would absolutely be weaponized. 

I agree our mental healthcare system needs fixed, I agree mass shootings need prevented, but red flag laws aren’t the path to preventing these tragedies.

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