Winchester Ammunition conducted a survey of 1600 centerfire rifle hunters and the results were published by our ally the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The study shows that 60% of hunters who use a centerfire rifle prefer that of the Armalite and Avtomat Kalashnikova.

It should come as no surprise that the two most popular platforms in the world are the tool of choice when harvesting animals for nourishment. With the modularity of the AR and the reliability of the AK, they’re both a proven and effective choice.

We’ve heard for years the left proclaiming that “AR’s aren’t for hunting!” This study proves that the most popular weapons of choice for protecting liberty and filling the freezer are that of the modern sporting rifle. Below is a quote from someone who likely in casual conversation says “I support the Second Amendment but…” 

The Tampa Bay Times transcribed Nelson’s Fox & Friends appearance, where he said, in part: “I want you to know I grew up on a ranch. I have grown up with guns. I have hunted all my life. I hunt with my son still. An AR-15 is not for hunting, it’s for killing. And the question is, should this be a legal weapon in our society?”

From competition, conservation and casual use, it’s hard to beat the AR. With it being capable of hosting many calibers, from shotgun and .22 up to 45.70 and more. The ability to simply swap an upper to change calibers makes it ideal for any situation and Americans any aged(responsibly).

The AK has been used in combat since it’s inception, unlike the AR. It is an unstoppable weapon system, rain, mud, or heavy abuse won’t slow it down. They’re the only good thing that has come from Communism. The first time I was ever able to fire an AK was in Afghanistan. Who knows what that rifle had seen, killed, or saved. All I know is it was on the good guys side, it’s wood was weathered, finish was non existent but it still fired like it was brand new. No telling how accurate it was as I fired it full auto into a berm. Nonetheless, a solid choice for hunting where it’s permitted.

Here is the article from which the information was pulled.

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