I’m urging you to flip your ballot and vote YES for the Freedom Amendment this November.

As a member of this community, and a volunteer for the group responsible for getting this measure on the ballot I feel its necessary people hear from me on this issue.

I’m the Communications Director of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. An all-volunteer grassroots Second Amendment advocacy group that fights daily for Iowans liberties.

As a combat veteran I’ve been to countries where average citizens can’t afford the rights or means of self-preservation.

As a first responder I understand fully the importance of protecting our children. Which is why the IFC pushed to allow off duty police to carry on school campuses, and to also change the law allowing schools themselves decide to arm staff or hire School Resource Officers.

That’s why I volunteer for the IFC, to preserve and protect the very freedoms I was once willing to sacrifice for abroad.

Voting for this amendment enshrines in the Iowa Constitution the recognition and protection of this fundamental human right.

Unlike what the opposition has continue to run, this amendment will not change the gun right status for prohibited possessors such as felons and domestic abusers. It will also not remove background checks.

The purpose is to restrict the chance any unconstitutional gun laws may have at passing. You can’t call yourself pro Constitution while being against this measure.

The issue is nonpartisan and is showing large scale support of over 60% of Iowans being in favor of it.

Strict Scrutiny is the piece that our opposition is taking issue with. It is the highest level of judicial review, often used when the constitutionality of a law is being challenged. What this means is that the courts must look at these cases with the highest level of prejudice. It shouldn’t be easy to strip Constitutionally protected rights, let’s not make it that way.

We know full well that if we would have added verbatim the Second Amendment, the anti-liberty crowd would still take issue with it.

So, vote yes, for freedom!