Disappointment, Realities, and Resources

Disappointment, Realities, and Resources is an odd combination of things that I should not have to write about immediately following the adjourning of the Iowa Legislature for the rest of this year. The same legislators who thanked IFC just a few months ago for helping turn the State of Iowa “Red” by our push to pass the Freedom Amendment last year.

Disappointment: Well I wish I were the wordsmith my friend and IFC past Chairman Michael Ware is but I’m not. You can read his in-depth analysis of the just ended legislative session HERE. I’d be lying if I told you I’m anything but disappointed by our Senators who failed to protect Iowan’s from “woke” corporations and their inability to see through the bull crap of the dangerous quack anti-gun leftist.

Realities: Well, not just have the opponents of freedom here in Iowa showed us their true colors, but once again their allies in Washington D.C. have done the same thing. Last week Senator Mendez and his fellow dangerous quacks introduced the H.E.A.R Act, that if passed would outlaw firearm sound suppressors and demand confiscation. You can read about it over at Accurate Shooter. The amazing thing to me is that in most of the world it’s considered bad manners and inconsiderate to shoot or hunt without a suppressor on your firearm. In Canada and Alaska the sound of a gunshot is known as the dinner bell to the local bear population.


Resources: Most, if not all, of you reading the IFC Blogs know about the resources on IFC’s website, along with the NRA’s various programs and firearms safety material. Ever wonder where some of us from IFC find all the current information and research on crime and firearms rights? One of my favorite sources is Professor John Lott, PhD.  Dr. Lott is the President of the Crime Prevention Research Center and he has a weekly email newsletter that covers everything from his testimony before legislative bodies and research materials. I highly suggest you check out his website and, if interested, sign up for his weekly newsletter.

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Shoot Straight, Speak The Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk
President, IFC